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Stanley Nattel

Associate Professor


Montreal Heart Institute
5000 Belanger Street
Room S-4501
Montreal, QC, H1T 1C8
Tel: 514-376-3330 ext 3990
Fax: 514-376-1355
Email: stanley [dot] nattel [at] icm-mhi [dot] org
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Dr. Nattel received his MD in 1974, Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology training between 1974 and 1978 (McGill), and Cardiology clinical and research training (Indiana University and University of Pennsylvania 1978-1981) before joining the faculty at McGill in 1981. In 1987, he transferred to the Montreal Heart Institute, where he directed the Research Center between 1990 and 2004. He is presently Paul-David Chair in Cardiovascular Electrophysiology at the University of Montreal. He is Editor in Chief of the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, Associate Editor of Heart Rhythm, Cardiovascular Research and Journal of Physiology, and is on the editorial board of 12 other journals. His research focuses on clinically-relevant mechanisms of cardiac bioelectricity, particularly atrial fibrillation, proarrhythmia, cardiac remodeling, ion channel molecular physiology and mechanisms of drug action. His lab uses a wide range of molecular, cellular, whole-animal and theoretical methods to gain insights into clinically-relevant basic mechanisms and identify novel therapeutic targets.