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Donate to Pharmacology


Thank you for deciding to support the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics with your gift.

      1. Click on the McGill Alumni Association logo at the bottom to open a page with the donation forms.
      2. The information collected in the first section - Donor Information - is used exclusively to provide the Donor with the tax receipt. A donation of $25 or more will generate the receipt.
      3. The next section - My Gift - identifies the recipient of your donation at McGill University. Please make sure that you enter the name "Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics" in the box Other, as shown on the picture below.

        Illustration only - click on the logo at the bottom to open the forms page

      4. The final section collects the information about the credit card you wish to charge. Please note that your credit card information will be kept private and safely processed on a secure server.

Click on the icon below to open the forms on a secure server.