Departmental Rules & Regulations

The Department of Pediatrics is a clinical department of the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH) and a university department of the McGill University Faculty of Medicine. Staff members offer specialized medical services to newborns, infants, children and young people in collaboration with other health care professionals. The Department is also a university training centre at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels; and conducts fundamental and clinical research activities.

To perform its duties, the Department of Pediatrics interacts closely with providers of pediatric care in other hospitals and in the community at large, including members of the McGill integrated university health network (RUIS). These interactions can be governed by agreements reached by the Department or its constituent divisions, the MCH or McGill University. They can be in the form of agreements in writing or based on a mutual understanding of responsibilities acquired over the years.

For Departmental rules and regulations please consult the Internal Regulations.

Medical Service Staff Association (MSSA) Articles of Agreement (Revised October 23, 2017)