Welcome to the Department of Pathology

The McGill University Department of Pathology is located in the Duff Medical Building on the downtown University campus at the edge of splendid Mount Royal. The Department offers research training in a wide variety of areas such as carcinogenesis, mechanisms of respiratory diseases, molecular pathology and immunology, neoplasia and cell biology, cell differentiation, cell adhesion molecules, biomedical image processing, neurodegenerative disorders and opthalmic pathology. Research laboratories are located in the Duff Medical Building, the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre and McGill Teaching Hospitals.

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Academic Faculty

Currently, the Department has 10 Professors, 14 Associate Professors, 26 Assistant Professors, 9 Associate Members as well as 1 Adjunct Professor (see our Faculty web page for details). There are four active research laboratories on site. Additional laboratories are located in several research centers and hospitals.

Programs Offered

The Department offers graduate education programs leading to MSc and PhD degrees in Pathology, along with undergraduate medical education and residency training programs.

The residency training program combines the facilities of the Duff Medical Building of McGill University and the Departments of Pathology of the affiliated hospitals. The program is open to trainees planning a career in pathology and to those who are required, or choose, to take six months to one year in pathology during the course of training in another specialty.

Pathology Services

The pathology laboratories are cutting-edge facilities with very active services. Each teaching hospital maintains a regular schedule of conferences in pathology.

The McGill University Department of Pathology performs pathology services for the following teaching hospitals: