Seminar Series Fall 2011

Seminar Series, Winter 2011

Raymond 4-045 Friday 11:30 am
Macdonald Campus, McGill University

September 9
Paula Ribeiro Institute of Parasitology

Alireza Darissi Institute of Parasitology
Comparative molecular dynamics studies of Trypanosoma brucei RNA editing ligases 1 and 2 in complex with their RNA substrates
September 16 Rushini Perera Institute of Parasitology
Ion-Channel duplications in Haemonchus contortus

Karine Sonzogni Institute of Parasitology
Cryptosporidium parvum sporozoite surface proteins as candidates to develop a vaccine against bovine cryptosporidiosis
September 23 Rona Strasser Institute of Parasitology
Docking of proteins for trafficking into the glycosome leads to conformational changes in Leishmania donovani Peroxin 14

Stephanie Goyette Institute of Parasitology
Insights into T. gondii reactivation through biomarker discovery
September 30 Rency Mathew Institute of Parasitology
The M1 alanyl aminopeptidases of Plasmodium falciparum (PfM1AAP) malaria: Biochemical and mutational analysis

Hamed Hojjat Institute of Parasitology
Mapping of PEX5 binding domain of PEX14 in Leishmania donovani
October 7 Thangadurai Mani Institute of Parasitology
Identification, sequence analysis and cloning of a novel P-Glycoprotein of Dirofilaria immitis towards studying the resistance mechanism in Heartworm

Anne Marie Chomat Institute of Parasitology
Impact of maternal stress, infection and malnutrition on infant growth: a socio-ecological framework within a rural Guatemalan context of poverty and food insecurity
October 14 Bibiana Gonzales Institute of Parasitology
October 21 Juliane Wunderlich Institute of Parasitology
Understanding drug resistance: The effect of quinoline drugs on the digestive vacuolar pH in Plasmodium falciparum

Sarah Reiling Institute of Parasitology
The role of the Plasmodium falciparum multidrug resistance 1 transporter? PfMDR1
October 28 Normand Cyr Institute of Parasitology
The Leishmania donovani glycosomal protein peroxin 14: Towards a better understanding of its structural role in protein translocation.
November 4 Sonia Edaye Institute of Parasitology
Characterization of antimalarial activity of novel chloroquine derivatives

Vanessa Dufour Institute of Parasitology
Characterization of glutamate-gated ion channels in Schistosoma mansoni
November 11 No Seminar  

November 18 Virginie Barrère Institute of Parasitology
Efficiency of a genetic test to detect benzimidazole resistant H. contortus nematodes in ovine production in Québec - Comparison with FECRT

Nour Rashwan Institute of Parasitology
Molecular diagnosis of benzimidazole resistance
November 25 Doris Gonzalez Institute of Parasitology
The impact of maternal infectious and nutritional status on pregnancy outcomes and predictors of severity of infections during pregnancy in a rural community in Panama
December 2 Tim Gilberger Speaker McMaster University
Dissecting the invasion machinery of the malaria parasite
December 9 Smriti Kala Institute of Parasitology
Identification and characterization of RNA-binding and protein interaction domains of the key editosome protein KREPA4