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The McGill University Macdonald Campus Flow Cytometry Core Facility is housed at the Institute of Parasitology and provides investigators at McGill and other metropolitan area research Universities and Institutions access to high quality, cost effective flow cytometry services.

The Facility is equipped with a new BD FACSAria sorter that offers high speed fully sterile cell sorting and complex analytical services and the scientific expertise necessary to effectively use this technology. Researchers have the option to bring their samples for analysis or sorting, or to choose our in situ services.

Students and McGill faculty can use the university bus shuttle service between the campuses. Click here For more details.

What You Can Do

High speed cell sorting and Immunophenotyping
Total / absolute population counts
Intracellular staining of cytokines
Quantitation of cytokines in serum and culture supernatants
Intracellular antigens
Phagocytosis and Oxidative burst assays
Cell cycle analysis
NK cytolytic activity
MLR / CTL cytotoxicity
Telomere length measurement
Cell viability and cytotoxic kinetics
Intracellular Calcium Flux
Bacterial and Yeast Cell Analysis
Flow Cytometric Cell Division Analysis

If your particular assay is not listed above please call to find a rapid solution to your protocol.

Required Controls

Control For
Unlabeled Cells Autofluorescence
Isotypic Controls (specific to the antibodies used) Autofluorescence and non specific binding
Color Compensation Controls (single stained sample for each fluorochrome used) Spectral overlap
Reagent Control (optional) For positive and negative staining