Ann Gamsa


Pain Centre, Department of Anesthesia
McGill University,
Montreal General Hospital
Montreal, Quebec


Associate Professor, McGill University Department of Anesthesia;

Associate Director & Director of Psychological Services, MUHC Pain Centre

Director of Psychology Internship training


PhD Universite de Montreal

Pain treatments:

Psychological Assessment, short-term psychotherapy, follow-up, hypnosis, Pain Management Group

Special clinical interests:

Psychological barriers to treatment success; Hypnosis, Somatoform pain disorders, Expectation effects

Research interests:

Role of psychological factors in chronic pain; Changing ideas in the study of psychological factors in chronic pain; Psychological barriers to treatment success in patients with chronic pain; Fibromyalgia

Recent publications:

Mark Ware, Ann Gamsa et al (2002). Cannabis for Chronic Pain: Case series and implications for clinicians, Pain Research & Management, 7 (2), 95-99.

Ann Gamsa, Hypnotic Analgesia, in Handbook of Pain Management (Eds.: R. Melzack & P. D. Wall); Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2003.