Juan-Francisco Asenjo


Department of Anesthesia and McGill Pain Center


Assistant Professor, Anesthesia and Pain Management


MD, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
Residency in Anesthesia, University of Chile
Fellowship Cardiac Anesthesia and Research, University of Montreal
Fellowship Pain Management, McGill University

Pain treatments:

Vertebroplasty, Kyphoplasty, Bone Cement Augmentation in Cancer Mets, Intrathecal Implantable devices for Pain Control, Neurolytic procedures, Neuromodulation, Spine injections and Radiofrequency.

Special clinical interest:

Interventional Pain Management, Cancer Pain, Spine Pain, Regional Anesthesia.

Recent publications:

Juan Francisco Asenjo and Krista M. Brecht. Opioids: Other routes for use in recovery room. Current Drugs Targets 2005: 6(7); 773 - 780.

Quang Dieu De Tran, Aida Gordon, Juan Francisco Asenjo, and Juan Carlos de la Cuadra-Fontaine. Retained and cut stimulating infraclavicular catheter. Can J Anesth 2005 52: 998-999.

Juan-Francisco Asenjo MD*, Zainab Jamali MD*, Garth Bray MD¶, Krista Brecht RN#*. Cervical epidural blood patch with real-time epidurogram to treat spontaneous cervical CSF fistula. Submitted.

Juan Francisco Asenjo and Krista M. Brecht. Vertebroplastia percutanea en el manejo del dolor de las fracturas vertebrales por compresión. El Dolor 2005: 14 (44); 8 - 13.

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Francesco Donatelli, Thomas Schricker, Piervirgilio Parrella, Francisco Asenjo, Lynda Wykes and Franco Carli. Intraoperative Infusion of Amino Acids Induces Anabolism Independent of the type of Anesthesia. Anesthesia and Analgesia 2006; 103 (6): 1549 - 57.

Donatelli F, ; Schricker T; Mistraletti G; Asenjo F; Parrella P; Wykes L; Carli F. Postoperative infusion of amino acids induces a positive protein balance independently of the type of analgesia used. Anesthesiology 2006; 105(2): 253-9.

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Juan-Francisco Asenjo and Andree-Anne Simard. Vertebral Bone Augmentation with Cement for Pain Control and Structural reinforcement in Cancer Patients with Vertebral Cancer. Presented at the 16th International Congress on Care of the Terminally Ill. Journal Palliative Care 2006: 22(3); 209.

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