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Field Supervisors

Field supervisors play a vital role in teacher preparation. Employed by the university, supervisors observe, mentor and assess student teachers in their host classrooms. Supervisors communicate and collaborate closely with the cooperating teacher and school administrator to support student teachers as they develop their mastery of the professional competencies in each year of their program.

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Field Experience / Internship Dates

Guidelines, Assessment forms and Rubrics

Policies (includes Absences, Exams, Ped. days, Substitute teaching)

Field Experience/Internship Team Roles & Responsibilities

School Administrator in charge of student teachers

  • Ensures staff is aware of the role and responsibilities of cooperating teachers, distributes pertinent information
  • Oversees arrangements for assigning the student teacher(s) to appropriate members of the school staff
  • Orients student teachers to the school and acquaints them with social environment, philosophy, policies, and regulations
  • Assists in coordination of student teacher's activities in the school and ensures that the student teacher is exposed to an appropriate number and range of experiences.

Cooperating teacher

  • Provides student teacher with opportunities to observe and, according to the guidelines of the field experience, develop a variety of teaching and learning situations within the classroom
  • Exposes student teacher to a variety of teaching and management techniques
  • Assigns appropriate teaching and management tasks, taking care to increase gradually the student teacher’s responsibilities
  • Oversees and monitors lesson planning, observes practice teaching in accordance with field experience guidelines
  • Speaks daily with the student teacher regarding their progress
  • Provides student teacher with written formative feedback and assessments according to the suggested guidelines for each field experience
  • Alerts Field Supervisor or Office of Student Teaching of concerns that may arise, including those that lead to the use of the Notification of Concern
  • Assesses planning, teaching, and professional readiness demonstrated by the student teacher in a written summative assessment at the end of each Field Experiences
  • Hands in all appropriate copies of the formative and summative evaluation forms to the student teacher on the last day of the field experience

Field Supervisor

  • Acts as the liaison between the school and university by meeting and collaborating with the school personnel and the student teacher
  • Informs cooperating teacher and student teacher about specific Field Experience guidelines, expectations and responsibilities, including formative and summative assessments, Notification of Concern, Action Plan and Portfolio
  • Observes and assesses student teacher teaching lessons followed by a period of discussion. When field supervisors observe in the classroom during a formative assessment visit, it is expected that they will remain for the entire lesson. To make the most of this observation, the supervisor will want to speak with the student teacher before the lesson, and discuss the lesson with the student teacher once it is over. It is therefore necessary for the student teacher to plan, with the support of your cooperating teacher, sufficient time around the supervisor’s visits to allow for this process
  • Completes formative assessment Forms and provides oral and written feedback to the student teacher
  • Reports immediately to Office of Student Teaching any difficulties that may arise
  • Ensures that all necessary forms are duly completed, signed and dated by the cooperating teacher in a timely fashion
  • Consults with the cooperating teacher and student teacher and makes clear recommendations about the suitability of the student teacher as a future member of the teaching profession.

Administrative Forms for Supervisors

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