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Portfolio & Professional Competencies

What are the Professional Competencies?

The Ministère de l'Éducation, du Sport et Loisirs (MELS), Quebec’s provincial ministry of education, created 12 core professional competencies for the teaching profession. The evaluation forms used by cooperating teachers and supervisors are based on these 12 competencies. Note that these are more general than the subject-specific competencies in the Quebec Education Program (QEP) addressed individually in the courses for each B.Ed program. The complete document detailing all 12 competencies Teacher Training [pdf] is published by MELS. Detailed descriptions of each competency begin on p. 55.

Professional Portfolio

A professional portfolio is a tool that can enhance new teachers' chances for employability upon graduation through the crafting of a professional identity, as well as help you track your progress and development as a student. All students in the B.Ed. and M.A. Teaching & Learning programs are required to prepare a professional portfolio by the time of their graduation. The portfolio is a component of the professional seminar courses that are co-requisite to each Field Experience/Internship. This example was created by a student in the TESL program:Portfolio Example (B.Ed TESL) [pdf] Use the guidelines below to construct your portfolio.

Written Components Produced during Field Experience by the Student Teacher

In addition to the Professional Portfolio, the student teacher will document field activities with several other written records,including a reflection journal and a lesson planning book or logbook (B.Ed Phys. Ed): Consult the description of these documents.

Tools to Chart Competency Development

In each Field Experience/Internship, and in courses, students will be asked to evaluate their mastery of the competencies using the tools below.  Each student's professional development will be synthesized and written up in the Action Plan (B.Ed) or Professional Development Plan (MATL) and shared with cooperating teacher(s) and McGill supervisor during subsequent field experiences/Internships. In the field, your seminar instructor and McGill supervisor will be supporting you in this task. Remember to date all entries and identify them with the course name/number. You are responsible for keeping all competency documents in your professional portfolio, you do not need to hand them in to the Office of Student Teaching.

B.Ed (Undergraduate)

Portfolio_guidelines (B.Ed) [pdf]

E-Portfolio Guide

Grids to complete in each Field Experience

  • First FE:      1, 2, 9, 11, 12
  • Second FE: 2, 4, 6, 10, 11, 12
  • Third FE:     all 12
  • Fourth FE:  all 12


M.A. Teaching & Learning (Graduate)

For cohorts admitted Summer 2014 : Capstone Research Project (MATL)                           

For cohorts admitted prior to 2014 only: Portfolio guidelines (MATL) [pdf]   For cohorts admitted prior to 2014 only: Capstone Research Project (MATL) 

Competency-based Professional Development Plan [docx]