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Special Placement Opportunities

To apply for a special opportunity field experience:

Indicate your interest in the comments box of the placement form. Any additional requirements (CGPA, Letter of Intent, etc.) will be explained in the notification email you receive inviting you to fill in the online placement form.

Eligibility Requirements:

Eligibility requirements for all special opportunities:

    • Strong performance in previous field experiences (received ‘Thorough’ or ‘Advanced’ on summative form)
    • GPA of 3.0
    • The Director of the ISA makes the final selection of students for these opportunities after reviewing files. We look for evidence of adaptability, ability to work independently, high level of professional maturity.

Distant Placements

International and Out-of-Province

Students can use the online placement form to suggest a school or board outside the Greater Montreal area where they would like to be placed and the Office will communicate with the school and board to obtain permission. Students must be in excellent academic standing, and not have unresolved difficulties from previous FEs. Requests for distant placement will be reviewed by the office and approved or declined by the director.

Supervision may be provided by a supervisor from a local university, or through videos that the student teacher will send to a supervisor based in Montreal.

Distant Placement Guidelines and Supervision protocol. / Protocole de supervision et placement à distance

The following international programs are organized by the Office of Student Teaching.

  • Hong Kong B.Ed TESL students can complete the 4th field experience at the elementary or secondary level in Hong Kong. Accommodation and airfare are provided. To apply, follow the instructions you will receive in the notification email inviting you to fill in your FE 4 online placement form (mid-September). Short-listed candidates will be interviewed in early October.

Any additional opportunities will be communicated to eligible students.

Students can request an international placement for FE 4 (self-funded). Contact OST to obtain initial approval of your proposed country before making any arrangements. Only countries with educational systems equivalent to Quebec's as well as the resources to adequately mentor and support a student teacher will be considered. Final approval is at the discretion of the OST. Students are responsible for obtaining all required visas or permits for unpaid internship in their host country, and must attend a pre-departure orientation session at McGill in the preceeding semester.

In Quebec, but outside Montreal

Placements outside the Greater Montreal region but within Quebec are permitted for 4th Field Experience in all programs, as well as for 3rd Field Experience in the TFSL and Physical and Health Education programs.

Students in all programs can request placement a First Nations or Inuit community in Quebec for 4th field experience. Accommodation and transportation may be provided, depending on the board. Additional information will be emailed to eligible students. Boards that have participated in the past include


Alternative Placements in the Greater Montreal region

Gain great experience in a different educational context! Most of these opportunities are available for 2nd or 4th field experience.

In previous years student teachers have been placed in Alternative and Adult Education schools including Mackay, Perspectives, Options, Focus, St. Raphael, Place Cartier Adult Education Centre, Lester B. Pearson School Board's "Network of Alternative Schools", Vanguard, REACH, Summit School, MIND, the Jewish General Hospital Child Psychiatry Day program School , to name but a few. See these links for more information:

For B.Ed Secondary:

Adult Education

EMSB Outreach Schools (Perspectives, Options, Focus, etc)

For B.Ed K/Elementary:

EMSB Social Affairs schools

If you would like to request a specific alternative school, enter the information on your placement form. Come to the office to discuss the different possibilities for your program and area.