Medical Correspondent

Name: Melody Ko, M.D.
Symbol: ‘Mélo’, as most friends call me.
Origin: Made in Taiwan and darn proud of it.
Atomic Number: 03-18-1983
Category: N/A. A rare and unique species.
Height: 1m65.
Mass: Ranges between 50-60 kg depending on the temperature.
Boiling Point: When people brag.
Melting Point: When I see a baby.
Specialty: Internal Medicine Resident with a passion for debunking quackery.
Characteristics: Absolutely loves dancing (sometimes on people’s nerves). Enjoys painting, traveling, meeting new people. Has a very high affinity for sweets, coffee and lipbalm. 
Instruction: “You have to be the changes you wish to see in the world” by Ghandi.
Caution: Very reactive. May cause explosions.

Email: Melo [dot] ko [at] gmail [dot] com