If homeopathic teething “remedies” are essentially nothing, how do they have an adverse effect on infants?

The FDA in the U.S has raised alarm about homeopathic teething pills that may have caused seizures in babies and possibly even caused some deaths. But how can homeopathic “remedies” do this, given...

Forget Homeopathic Arsenic for Stress Reduction

During a recent talk on the relation between the body and the mind, I mentioned the newest anxiety-relieving craze, colouring books. Aimed at adults, these feature intricate patterns that provide...

Homeopathy Debate: Follow-up Questions/Answers by Joe Schwarcz & Andre Saine

Published: 14Feb2013

A note from Dr. Joe Schwarcz: After our November 26 debate Andre Saine and I agreed to ask each other questions that would be answered in writing and posted on our websites. Mine were ready a few...

VIDEO: Homeopathy Debate: Mere Placebo or Great Medicine?

Published: 12Dec2012

Dr. Joe Schwracz and Dr. Andre Saine debate, Homeopathy: Mere Placebo or Great Medicine?    Part two of a 2-part debate on Naturopathic Medicine.