Orientation Week Happening Resources

OSD stress balls - give aways


Our Orientation Week Happening took place on August 30th, 2012.

A huge thank you to all the facilitators and participants.  It was a huge success!  

We have created this page to allow students to access the resources used on the day.  You perhaps heard of or discussed something you want to explore further.  If you didn't get a chance to attend, it's also a great opportunity not to miss out on the material.

Open technology workshops on Mindfulness

 Clear Mindfulness Diagram

Powerpoint resources

Powerpoint on the use of Mindfulness by adults with AD/HD: mindfulness_and_adhd.ppt

Video resources

Short video on the use of Mindfulness by adults with ADHD


Keynote lunch time presentation by Olympic Gold medalist Adam Kreek

 Adam Kreer portrait                   Adam Kreek rowing

Adam Kreek Portrait


Open technology workshops on Universal Design

Universal Design Title Image

Some Powerpoint resources 

Universal Design: a perspective from other campuses - ud_elsewhere_-_other_student_perspectives.pptx

Universal Design: what it means for students - understanding_ud_from_a_student_perspective.pptx

Universal Design - Engaging your instructor -  ud_-_engaging_your_professor.pptx

Video resources

Entertaining student video on UD with Startrek theme

Great video on UD from Colorado State University.