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Time Management

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Syllabus Spotlight

A stopwatch

It is important to always start your semester by reading your course syllabus, and to continue to use it throughout the semester as a "Study Guide." Take a minute to listen to this syllabus_stoplight audio file that will walk you through the process.

Once you have read and understood your course syllabi, continue with the 2014 semester calendar, where you will be able to plot down all of your assignments.  This will enable you to see what your assignments are and will help you forsee busy weeks so you can plan accordingly.  It will also raise awareness as to how you progress through your semester in terms of time and assignemnts.

Weekly Schedule

Listen to this audio about setting a Weekly Schedule

Download the form and tips, then listen to the step-by-step audio.

Don’t forget to evaluate as you go in order to be effective.

Effective two-hour Study Session

  • A great strategy to implement in your weekly schedule is to set effective Study Sessions.  Study sessions have a clear start and end time which will enable you to keep a steady study pace and what is more important, you will be able to have a structured day with clear objectives within your session.  Here are more study tips!
  • Can you study for two hours effectively?  Consider implementing the 20/10 strategy within this time frame.  Take a look at this 20/10 study guide that will further explain this strategy and this audio study tips that will explain a strategy you might find very helpful!

Thought-provoking strategies

Your Pie of Life: do you know how much time you spend doing different activities during the week?  Remember, this is a very important aspect of time management as you prepare to create a well-balanced life! Dowload this Pie of Life document and we will let you know how it works. Check out this Interactive Pie of Life as well!

More Resources

Take a look at the Time Management Tips from our Play Hard Work Hard Workshop, and then sign up for the workshop by filling out the registration form.

There are many online and smart-phone resources that can help you with your time management skills! Take a look at the following apps and begin implementing them into your regular routine.

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