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Managing Exam Time

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It is often difficult to manage your time when you are busy writing an exam. However, it is very important to learn how to budget your time so that you get the most out of your exam time. By using the following Time Management in Exams tips , you will learn how and where to focus your exam time and energy.


How to Prepare

Unsure of how to prepare for a test? Do you have strategies for when you are actually writing the test? Take a look at the following Test Taking Strategies document and take control of your exam experience.

Study Environment

Not only does preparing for an exam have to do with study materials and strategies. It is also important to consider whether your study environment is condusive to efficient and productive exam preparation. Check out our Study Environment Handout and determine how to get the most out of your study spot!


Don’t miss out on our Test Taking Tips from our Testing Made Easy Workshop, and make sure to register for the workshop by filling out our workshop registration form for even more test taking information!

Consider using technology such as apps to better prepare for your exams.  Additionally, please check our time management resources to keep you organized and focused when studying for finals.

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