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Stress Management Skills

A man feeling stressed behind a mountain of work

How we experience the world, including things that make us feel stressed, is largely determined by how we perceive the experiences to be. Changing your internal dialogue can help you deal with stressors better, and lessen the negative emotions that are associated with them. If you feel like your internal dialogue could use a positive boost, check out the Positive Thoughts handout and listen to the Positive Thoughts audio.

Stress management is directly influenced with how we spend our time. Too much work and no play does not lead to healthy results! It is very important to maintain a balanced approach to life which includes not only hard work but also much-needed leisure time. This Balance Handout will give you all the tips you need to remind you of how to keep your work-life balance!

It is very important to find out what stress management techniques you could implement when you begin to feel high levels of stress and anxiety. Listen to the following guided practice audios and feel the benefits immediately!

  • Deep Breathing can help lower your heart rate and keep your mind focused on the present.
  • Muscle_Relaxation will lessen the tension in your muscles and will replace your anxiety-provoking thoughts with feelings of relaxation.
  • Visualizations can reduce stress by focusing on calming imagery and imagining  a positive future.


Learn more Stress Management Tips from our “How to Create Your Own Toolbox for Academic Anxiety.” Register for our workshops by filling out the workshop registration form!
Apps and Online Resources

  • Incorporate stress-reducing exercise into your daily routine with this simple program. Check out Sworkit!
  • Listen to calming music with the pre-made playlists on Songza
  • Practice your deep breathing technique
  • Let calming music soothe you to sleep

McGill has numerous stress-management resources that you should definitely take the time to check out!


Why is exercise important for stress management? Watch this stress management video to find out!

How something as simple as going outside can help us find peace of mind.

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