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If you are writing a document, take a couple of minutes to read the Write Write Write Handout and to listen to the audio information. These resources are filled with information regarding the most important aspects of the writing process, so make sure to practice implementing these strategies!

Note taking

One of the most basic skills that a university student needs is knowing how to take clear, effective notes. Without this skill, it is easy to forget about information that you read in textbooks or hear in class. Learn how to successfully take organized notes by reading through the Note Taking Strategies document and listening to the corresponding audio tips.

Have you ever thought of incorporating an audio component for when you study? If you are auditory learner than this can have a big impact.

Do you ever find yourself reading and re-reading your textbook without remembering what you just read? Encoding information while you read textbooks or coursepack articles can be tricky. Take a look at our Memory Strategies Handout and keep the strategies in mind as you read, or listen to our memory strategies audio!


Concept mapping is a great tool that can be used in various ways. You can use concept-mapping to brainstorm ideas for a paper by sketching out topics you find interesting and how they relate to one another. You can also use concept maps as a way to organize the information you read in order to enhance comprehension. Either way, download our Concept Map Handout and begin to reap the benefits of this amazing strategy!

Reading and Writing Resources

  • Voicedream: here’s a great text-to-speech app!
  • Have you ever considered Adobe Acrobat Professional as a helful tool?
  • Inspiration: app that uses graphic organizers that will enable you to  write down all your thoughts based upon pre-established templetes. Once done, this app will create an outline for you.   

 Writing Apps- try out the following writing apps that can make the process easier!

  • Should you need some writing support, Mind Meister: an easy concept-mapping program
  • WriteRoom: keep your computer screen distraction-free with this writing interface!
  • Try out Scrivner, this fantastic tool is useful for all of your organizational and editting needs!

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