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How Do I Learn?

A stack of notepads, pens and highlighters

If you have the intention to learn, then you are more likely to learn! Find out what it means to be an active learner by reviewing this Learning Intention handout.

Ever wonder how you learn best? Listen to the "How Do I Learn?" audio for a quick explanation of the three learning styles, and then review the our Learning Style Handout to identify strategies that will work best with your learning style!

Learning Styles Resources

Find out what your learning style is with this Learning Style Quiz!

For more information, take a look at our Learning Style Tips from our “How Do I Learn Best?” Workshop, and then fill out the workshop registration for for the workshop for the full learning style experience!


Apps for Different Learners

There are a myriad of apps that are tailored to your learning style. Once you  have determined how you learn best, check out the apps for you below:

For Visual Learners

  • Keep an organized, visual schedule with the inClass app
  • Try out this visual daily and weekly planner available in the iStudent Pro app
  • Create virtual flashcards with Quizlet
  • Create more flshcards with Study Aid
  • Need a study timer with visual cues? Try FocusBooster
  • Evernote is a great visual, virtual sticky-note tool
  • MindMeister is a fantastic mind-mapping app
  • Create a distraction-free writing interface with WriteRoom

For Auditory Learners

  • Listen to information with VoiceDream, a useful text-to-speech app
  • Speak It! is another text-to-speech app
  • FocusBooster also lets you use a study timer with auditory cues

For Kinesthetic Learners

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