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Goal Setting Skills

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Here are some worksheets and recordings that will walk you through the process of filling them out:

  • Have a ton of academic tasks and not sure where to begin? Fill in the Academic To-Do form and listen to the step-by-step description to determine how to organize yourself and start tackling your assignments today!
  • Sometimes all we need is a bit of practice, especially when it comes to setting achievable and realistic goals. Dowload your Goal Setting Practice form and begin setting your own immediate, short-term, intermediary and long-term goals!


Goal Completion Plan

It is completely normal to face obstacles when trying to achieve our goals. Plan how to deal with these obstacle ahead of time by downloading the Goal Completion Plan form and fill it out while listening to the step-by-step description.

Goal Organizer

Download the Goal Organizer form and ask yourself these 6 essential questions in order to better understand how you can achieve your specific goals.

Listen to the step-by-step description

Goal Setting Resources

Check out the following Goal Setting Tips from our Play Hard Work Hard Workshop. To find out more about goal setting skills, register for our workshops by filling out the workshop registration form!

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