Disability & Student Responsibility

Student Responsibilities

In May 1995, the McGill University Senate passed a policy guaranteeing the rights of students with disabilities.

The Office for Students with Disabilities provides reasonable academic accommodations and support to students with disabilities in order to facilitate equal academic participation at McGill. However, it is your responsibility to:

  • Provide appropriate and relevant documentation of your disability
  • Request accommodations supported by documentation
  • Inquire about and follow established procedures to access accommodations
  • Provide the OSD with relevant updated information regarding your disability/health status
  • Monitor and evaluate your ongoing ability to manage the academic demands of university in light of your current personal circumstances.
  • To inform yourself of established OSD and university administrative procedures and deadlines.
  • To adhere to established OSD and university administrative procedures and deadlines.

McGill University is committed to providing equal opportunity for all students, including those with documented permanent and temporary disabilities. This commitment occurs within the context of the university’s expectation that all McGill students are adults and will act responsibly when making personal decisions that affect their academic status. This implies that you will make responsible decisions when life circumstances impose unexpected constraints on your ability to fulfill your academic requirements.

The university is legally obliged to provide reasonable accommodation to remove barriers which exacerbate the effects of a disability. However, such accommodation may not, at times, be sufficient to overcome all personal circumstances. In this case, it is your responsibility to make academic decisions that are in the best interest of your health and wellbeing, and your academic standing.

McGill Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures

The McGill Code of Student Conduct requires students to behave in a mature, civil and respectful manner at all times when interacting with faculty, staff and fellow students. Exemptions are not made for reasons related to the presence of a disability.

As is the case for all McGill students, inappropriate behaviour will result in the initiation of disciplinary procedures. Please act accordingly when you are on campus, including when in the OSD office.

PDF icon Code of student conduct and disciplinary procedures

Academic Integrity & Accommodations

The OSD is committed to ensuring that all students have a fair and equal opportunity for academic success. However it is important to emphasize that reasonable accommodation must not provide an unnecessary advantage to students with disabilities. Accommodations and supports are therefore carefully designed, administered and monitored to ensure that the students’ work is authentic. From receiving support with the organization of essays, to proofreading for grammar and spelling errors, from receiving notes from a classmate to being tutored in a subject area, the OSD wants to make sure that the grades you receive reflect your own academic ability and potential, not that of those that assist you.

This emphasis on authenticity is also integral to the OSD exam service. We provide exam accommodations on a case by case basis, and tailor accommodations according to exam formats and student needs. We provide exam conditions which discourage but also monitor for cheating during exams. When we suspect that a student has cheated, we forward an incident report to the Associate Dean of the student’s faculty for further action to be taken.