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On Campus Access

Access Through Technology on our Two Campuses

The purpose of the week is also to celebrate the achievements of campus stakeholder who are exploring access & technology and are striving to implement the principles of Universal Design in their interactions with students, through virtual means.

Here are some of the resources you may wish to consult:

Counselling Service:

two people sitting down for a meeting

McGill's Counselling Service emphasizes awareness and prevention, supporting the belief that dealing with problems before they become unmanageable is the key to health and wellness. Here are some of the accessable and virtual resources that they offer:

Self-help Audios

Self-help Videos

Self-help Podcasts

Self-help Websites

Self-help Apps

Campus Life & Engagement:

Logo for campus life and engagement

Campus Life & Engagement supports students at the different stages in their life at McGill. You can depend on CL&E as a source for helping you navigate the University, connect to meaningful opportunities, and develop your interests and skills. 

Student Support & Services for all!

Courses and Programs:

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Courses and Programs is a site that is useful to learn more about planning your course load, registering for courses, and adding and dropping them after the semester has started.

Registration tutorial video

Have a question for an advisor, go to the Ask an Advisor page to submit a question from home.

McGill Library

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McGill University Library advances teaching, learning, research and community service by providing outstanding collections, access to the world of knowledge, excellence in service and an appropriate library environment, all of which are client-focused and responsive to the needs of the McGill community.

Check out their FAQ page, you can email or even live chat your questions there.

Career Planning Service (CaPS):

The acronym C.A.P.S. for career and placement services

The McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS) assists students in their career development and search for permanent, part-time, and summer jobs, as well as internships, by providing workshops, individual advising, a comprehensive job posting service, and an extensive Career Resource Centre. Here are some of the virtual accessable resources they offer.

Information for Students

Career Resource Centre

Services & Programs

Student Groups

Job Search Skills

Explore Career



Logo for Arts OASIS YouTube channel with three palm tress

The mission of the Faculty of Arts Office of Advising and Student Information Services (OASIS) is to ensure the integrity and coherence of the Arts undergraduate degree. We do so valuing principles of fairness, accessibility, respect, engagement, confidentiality and collaboration with key stakeholders.

Learn about OASIS through their YouTube Videos