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Disability Awareness Week 2014

Third Annual Disability Awareness Week - March 24th to 28th, 2014

Poster for Disability Awareness Week for March 24th to 28th, 2014.McGill's third Disability Awareness Week will be held March 24th to 28th 2014.  The OSD, and the MyAccess suite of services it offers, promote awareness and implementation of Universal Design (UD) as a sustainable and socially just model to address Disability issues and widen access to learning. The three core principles of UD (multiple means of representation, multiple means of expression and multiple means of engagement) can be tailored to individual contexts and interactions, but it is undeniable that the rapid development of technology brings unique ease and endless opportunities to their application. Web based portals, IT tools, and synchronous and asynchronous virtual means of interactions are all examples of the way technology is making us rethink our notion of Access. The theme of this year's Disability Awareness Week is "Making it Virtual and Accessible" and hopes to be a celebration of the varied and creative ways our two campuses are embracing technological innovations to widen access.

Schedule and Themes

The week will focus on raising awareness of technology as a means of widening access on post-secondary campuses.  Each day will see the release of a tool or feature highlighting a dimension of virtual access which contributes to widen access through the application of one of the three principles of Universal Design.  Watch this space, follow the week releases and explore access & technology with us through the week.




Widening access in services through synchronous virtual chat.


Rethinking the class through technology.


Ensuring web based tools are accessible to all.


The online class – reaching all.


Grad students, virtual access and technology.

Other Resources

Access through technology on our two campuses

The purpose of the week is also to celebrate the achievements of campus stakeholder who are exploring access & technology and are striving to implement the principles of Universal Design in their interactions with students, through virtual means.

Find out more about some of the virtual and accessable resources at McGill by checking out our On Campus Access page.

Access & Technology in the Global Higher Ed Scene

Campuses and organizations around the globe are rethinking access through the lens of technology.  Take this trip with us and explore new and innovative ways of widening access through the integration of technology.

Find out more about virtual and accessable resources outside of McGill by checking out our Beyond Campus Access page.

Poster from the 2012 Disability Awareness Week
Poster from 2012 Disability Awareness Week
Poster from the 2013 Disability Awareness Week
Poster from 2013 Disability Awareness Week