Principle I: Provide Multiple Means of Representation

To reduce barriers to learning, it is important to ensure that key information is equally perceptible to all learners. There is no one medium to represent information that is equally accessible for all students. Information conveyed solely through sound, for example, is not equally accessible to all learners and is especially inaccessible for learners with hearing disabilities, for learners who need more time to process information, or for learners who are English Second Language Learners. It is essential to provide options. Graphic Organizers are a great way to visually represent complex concepts, capture the essential components of a lecture and organize thoughts and ideas.

Take away tool: Visual Mapping Software

Principle II: Provide Multiple Means of Action and Expression

Principle III: Provide Multiple Means of Engagement

 Which strategies you are using in your classroom to remove barriers and widen access. If you would like to share some of the tools that you have successfully integrated into your teaching please contact tanja.beck [at] (Tanja Beck).

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