Ongoing dialogue

My Access.

Using the services of the OSD

We encourage students to identify each semester what specific barriers they are experiencing and to contact the OSD regularly to discuss these experiences on an on-going basis throughout their time at McGill. A student may find certain classes, delivery methods, courses, evaluation methods more inaccessible than others. In other instances, a student may feel particularly empowered by a specific teaching style, innovative teaching practices, or an inclusive and systematic use of technology.  The particular "fit" between a learner and their environment is a live, organic, constantly evolving process. Students should contact the OSD when this situation arises. This ongoing dialogue can also carried out remotely via Skype.

Writing exams at the OSD

We always encourage students to speak to their course instructor in order to determine whether there is a possibility of addressing their specific needs in evaluations, within the class and in an inclusive environment. At the discretion of an advisor, arrangements can also be made for students to take examinations at the OSD office itself   

If a student wishes to write exams at the OSD, he or she must notify the office of their intention by completing one of the brief forms appearing in the "Forms" section in the left margin.  Request for mid-term exams should be notified at least 5 days ahead of the date of the examination so that a copy can be obtained from the instructor.

Unlike for mid-terms, there is no need to sign up for Final exams for registered students.