First Appointment

My Access.

How do I schedule a first appointment?

If you are experiencing barriers in your learning - be they temporary or permanent, visible or invisible - it is essential you discuss your situation with an Access Advisor.  You can make an appointment online using this appointment form. Your first meeting can be face to face or virtual (we are available for appointments through Skype).  

Do I need to bring specific documentation to the first appointment?

The process for determining accommodations is a collaborative one that may or may not require third-party documentation. We encourage students to contact us to engage in a discussion to identify and remove barriers in their academic experience.

What will the first appointment focus on?

As Access Advisors, we will primarily focus on removing the barriers you are experiencing in your learning environment. If there is support or specific resources you need in your current situation, we will be able to make appropriate referrals to services and professionals who may provide with complimentary guidance.