Workshops and Seminars for the Systems Biology Training Program

The Systems Biology Training Program is proud to host symposia and workshops on subjects related to the program. We welcome the participation of members from the greater scientific community in both, see relevant pages for more details.


Three times a year, multi-day workshops will provide in-depth coverage of specific topics in systems biology. These workshops will be led by leaders of the relevant fields, and will provide both theoretical and practical skills.

These workshops are available to students in the program and to researchers from the greater community. Please contact secretary [at] mcb [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (Lynda Bray) for registration details.

Upcoming Workshops


Symposia: Rather than hold weekly seminars, we will be holding a two-day symposium twice a year. Each symposium will feature one of the pillars of our program and will consist of inviting 3-5 speakers in the selected field of study. Talks from the invited speakers will be inter-mixed with talks from the senior students in the program with related research topics. Junior members of the program will give 20 minute talks within a special session on the first day. This will be a mandatory event for all our students and the first day will be open to the greater research community. Several of our students, under the tutelage of two of our supervisors (mentors), have formed an organizing committee to first select topics and then suggest the speakers. The mini-symposia will be completely organized and run by students.  


The biweekly seminar series will feature invited speakers and senior members of the program and will address topics from across the range of research areas of member groups. Speakers will be invited to address new technologies, analysis techniques, and exciting new biology that exploits quantitative or technological approaches.

The seminars are open to members of the research community and are mandatory for students in their first or second years of the program.

Seminars are held on Wednesdays at 2:30pm in room 1100 of the Trottier Building,3630 University Street, Montreal, Quebec

Upcoming seminars.