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Medical Student Electives

Medical students interested in orthopaedics as a career, or wish to gain additional exposure to the field are welcome to apply for a clinical elective. Elective are usually 4 weeks in duration and can be accommodated at any of the teaching sites (see below table for more information). Senior medical students function as the junior resident during the elective and divide their time between the operating room, emergency department and ward. Medical students are expected to take call. McGill is an international university whose main language of instruction is English.



Clinical Teaching Unit Director

Montreal General Hospital
Dr. Harvey
Dr. Lenczner
Dr. Fisher
Dr. Ouellet
Dr. Turcotte
Jewish General Hospital
Foot & Ankle
Dr. Chaytor
Dr. Zukor
Montreal Children's Hospital /
Shriners Hospital
Pediatrics and Spine
Dr. Benaroch, Dr. Fassier
St. Mary's Hospital
Sports and Arthroplasty
Dr. Dimentberg

For more information or to schedule an elective, please contact the residency program director's office and speak with Sharon Delisle. 

Clinical Observers

The Residency Program is not responsible for approving observerships at any of the MUHC hospitals.   You must obtain approval from the Supervisor of the service you wish to observe and then his Administrative Assistant will provide you with the required documentation from the DPS Office of the site hospital.  Once you have met all the requirements of the DPS Office and you have approval from the Supervisor of the service the DPS office will then decide if they wish to grant approval for your observership request.  Take note that you will not have contact with any patients and are not permitted to participate in any surgical procedures.


You can find the list of staff members on the McGill Orthopaedic Residency Website.  Please apply for only one observership, do not send requests to all the Orthopaedic Staff members.

Take note that Dr. Benaroch, the McGill Orthopaedic Resident Program Director does not participate in any observership.


Learning how to suture at one of our MOSIG meetings.