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Rudy Reindl, MD, FRCS(C)

Clinical Interests

Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery
Spine Surgery

Research Interests

Orthopaedic Trauma
Biomechanical research

Current Appointment

Assistant Professor of Surgery, McGill University

Medical School

1989-1993    University of Toronto 


1993-1998    McGill University


1999-2000    Spine and Trauma Surgery, Charite Clinic, Humboldt University
2000-2001    Trauma, pelvic and acetabular surgery, Sunnybrook Hospital, University of Toronto

Current Address

1650 Cedar Avenue
Montreal, QC

Telephone (514) 934-1934 ext 42595
Fax (514) 934-8453

Recent Publications

N. Saran a, S.G. Bergeron, B. Benoit, R. Reindl, E.J. Harvey, G. K. Berry Risk of axillary nerve injury during percutaneous proximal humerus locking plate insertion using an external aiming guide, Injury, Int. J. Care Injured 41 (2010) 1037–1040

S. Zouaoui, N.Noiseaux, J. Ouellet, R. Reindl, and V. Arlet, Monosegmentary posterior instrumentation for non-tuberculous infectious spondylodiscitis, Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery - British Volume, Vol 90-B, Issue SUPP II, 236.  

Bassi M, Jarzem PF, Steibel M, Barriga P, Ouellet J, Reindl R An in vitro study on the effects of freezing, spine segment, repeat measurement, and individual cord properties on cord interstitial pressure, Spine 2009 Feb 15;34(4):351-5. 

D. Rouleau, B. Benoit, G. Berry, E. Harvey, G. Y. Laflamme, R. Reindl,  Percutaneous Plating of Fractures of the Proximal Humerus: Results of a Prospective Multi-center Clinical Trial.  March 2008 22(3):153-8, Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma.

Geller L, Reindl R, Turcotte R. Surgical images: musculoskeletal Synchronous multifocal osteosarcoma. Can J Surg. 2007 Apr;50(2):134-5.

Canadian Orthopedic Trauma Society, Nonoperative treatment compared with plate fixation of displaced midshaft clavicular fractures. A multicenter, randomized clinical trial.J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2007 Jan;89(1):1-10.

Bienkowski P, Reindl R, Berry GK, Iakoub E, Harvey EJ.A new intramedullary nail device for the treatment of intertrochanteric hip fractures: Perioperative experience. J Trauma. 2006 Dec;61(6):1458-62

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Morin P, Reindl R, Berry G, Harvey EJ; Fibular fixation as an aduvant to tibial IM nailing in distal third tibia fractures: A biomechanical study. Resident research presentation-first prize, submitted to Can J Surg, March 2008.

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Arlet V, Jiang L, Steffen T, Ouellet J, Reindl R, Aebi M.  Harvesting local cylinder autograft from adjacent vertebral body for anterior lumbar interbody fusion: surgical technique, operative feasibility and preliminary clinical results. Eur Spine J. 2006 Apr 6.

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R. Reindl, J. Ouellet, E. J. Harvey, G. Berry, V. Arlet, Anterior stabilization of fracture/dislocations of the cervical spine. Spine. 2006 Mar 15;31(6):648-52.