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Jean Ouellet, MD, FRCS(C)

Clinical Interests

Early onset scoliosis & corrective spine surgery
Orthopaedic Implants
Intervertebral discs 

Research Interests

Scoliosis animal models & spine biomechanics
Disc cell biology; bone anabolic agents

Current Appointments

McGill Scoliosis & Spinal Research Chair, McGill University
Chief of McGill Scoliosis & Spine Group, McGill University
Assistant Professor of Surgery, McGill University 

Clinical Director of Scoliosis & Spine Surgery, Shriners Hospital Canada and Montreal Children's Hospital
Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, McGill University Health Centre 

Recent Grants 


Fonds de la Recherche en Santé du Québec (FRSQ)
Modulation précoce de la croissance vertébrale pour soigner la déformation du rachis scoliotique
JA Ouellet
$73,007 / 2011-2012



Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)
Pain at home in children following major surgery: physical, psychological, and economic consequences
J Chorney, P Andrew, J Howard, T Valois, R El-Hawary, P McGrath, G Finley, JA Ouellet
$724,990 / 2010-2015


MITACS (submitted and pending grant approval)
Skeletal regeneration and reconstruction
JA Ouellet, EJ Harvey, J Henderson
$120,000 / 2010-2011


Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)
Tissue engineering of intervertebral discs
L Haglund, JA Ouellet
$506,180 / 2010-2015


Children's Specialist Foundation of San Diego
Prospective study of scoliosis in children with cerebral palsy   
HARMS Study Group / Children's Specialist's Group
$68,700 / 2010-2015



BioSurface Engineering Techno (BioSet)
A multicentre, parallel group, randomized, pilot study evalution safety and preliminary effectiveness of Prefix compared to iliac crest bone in subjects with degenerative disc disease undergoing transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion
P Jarzem, JA Ouellet
$80,500 / 2009-2010


BRAIST Study/AIS/University of Iowa
Shriner's Hospital
JA Ouellet
$39,752 / 2008-2009

Current Address

Montreal General Hospital
1650 Cedar Avenue, T8-200
Montreal, QC  H3G 1A4 

Telephone (514) 934-1934 ext 42234
Fax (514) 934-8002
jaouellet [at] hotmail [dot] com

Recent Publications

G Rahul, F Mwale, J Ouellet, P Roughley, T Steffen, J Antoniou, L Haglund. Development of an organ culture system for long term survival of the intact human intervertebral.  (Accepted but pending publication Spine Journal)

M Parolin, R Gawri, F Mwale, T Steffen, P Roughley, J Antoniou, P Jarzem, L Haglund, J Ouellet.  Development of a whole disc organ culture system to study human intervertebral disc (Abstract)

F Mwale, G Yao, JA Ouellet, A Petit, J Antoniou.  Effect of Parathyroid Hormone on Type X and Type II Collagen Expression in Mesenchymal Stem cells from Osteoarthritic Patients. Tissue Eng Part A. Epub ahead of print, Aug 18, 2010

MY Akoume, B Azeddine, I Turgeon, A Franco, H Labelle, B Poitras,  CH Rivard, G Grimard, J Ouellet, S parent, A Moreau. Cell-based screening test for idiopathic scoliosis using cellular dielectric spectroscopy. Spine. 2010 Jun 1:25(13):E601-8

A Moreau, M-Y Akoumé, Ndong,  B Azeddine, A Franco, PH Rompré,  M-H Roy-Gagnon, I. Turgeon, D Wang, KM Bagnall, B Poitras, H. Labelle, C-H Rivard, G Grimard, J Ouellet, S Parent, F Moldovan. Molecular and genetic aspects of idiopathic scoliosis. Blood test for idiopathic scoliosis [German]. Orthopäde. 38:114–121, 2009.

F Mwale, HT Wang, A Petit, P-L Girard-Lauriault, JA Ouellet, MR Wertheimer, J Antoniou. The potential of N-rich plasma-polymerized ethylene (PPE:N) films for regulating the phenotype of the nucleus pulposus. The Open Orthop J. 2: 137-144, 2008.

F Mwale, CN Demers, A Petit, JA Ouellet, J Antoniou. Differential effects of tri-iodothyronine and transforming growth factor beta-1 on collagens newly synthesized by human and murine mesenchymal stem cells. J Stem Cells. 3: 13-23, 2008.

F Mwale, G Marguier, JA Ouellet, A Petit, LM Epure, J Antoniou, LE Chalifour. Effect of Dexrazoxane and Amifostine on the vertebral bone quality of Doxorubicin treated male rats. The Open Orthop J. 2: 115-120, 2008.

V Arlet, J Shilt, E Bersusky, M Abel  JA Ouellet, D Evans, KV Menon, F Kandziora, F Shen, C Lamartina, M Adams, V Reddi. Experience with an online prospective database on adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: development and implementation. Eur Spine J. 17:1497-506, 2008.

AS Kanter, J Jagannathan, CI Shaffrey, JA Ouellet, PV Mummaneni. Inflammatory and dysplastic lesions involving the spine. Neurosurg Clin N Am. 19:93-109, 2008.

FH Shen, I Marks, C Shaffrey, JA Ouellet, V Arlet. The use of an expandable cage for corpectomy reconstruction of vertebral body tumors through a posterior extracavitary approach: a multicenter consecutive case series of prospectively followed patients. Spine J. 8:329-39, 2008.

K Letellier, B Azeddine, S Blain, I Turgeon, DS Wang, BM Samba, F Moldovan, H Labelle, B Poitras, CH Rivard, G Grimard, S Parent, JA Ouellet, G Lacroix, A Moreau. Etiopathogenesis of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and new molecular concepts [French]. Med Sci. 23:910-916, 2007.

HB Yeon, J Weinberg, V Arlet, JA Ouellet, KB Wood. Anterior lumbar instrumentation improves correction of severe lumbar Lenke C curves in double major idiopathic scoliosis Eur Spine J. 16(:1379-1385, 2007.

F Mwale, HT Wang, A Petit, P-L Girard-Lauriault, CJ Hunter, JA Ouellet, MR Wertheimer, J Antoniou J. The effect of novel nitrogen-rich plasma polymer coatings on the phenotypic profile of notochordal cells. Biomed Eng Online. 6:33, 2007.

JM Mac-Thiong, H Labelle, S Parent, B Poitras, A Jodoin, JA Ouellet, L Duong. Assessment of sacral doming in lumbosacral spondylolisthesis. Spine. 32:1888-1895, 2007.

A Alobaid, V Arlet, JA Ouellet, R Reindl. Surgical technique. Technical notes on reduction of thoracic spine fracture dislocation. Can J Surg. 49:131-134, 2006.

V Arlet, L Jiang, T Steffen, JA Ouellet, R Reindl, M Aebi. Harvesting local cylinder autograft from adjacent vertebral body for anterior lumbar interbody fusion: surgical technique, operative feasibility and preliminary clinical results. Eur Spine J. 15:1352-1359, 2006

R Reindl, JA Ouellet, E Harvey, G Berry, V Arlet. Anterior reduction for cervical spine dislocations. Spine. 31:648-52, 2006.

Refereed Papers (submitted)

L Haglund, JA Ouellet, P Roughley. Variation in chondroadherin abundance and fragmentation in the human scoliotic disc. Spine. Under revision.

F Mwale, A Petit, G Yao, JA Ouellet, J Antoniou. Effect of parathyroid hormone on type X and type II collagen expression in mesenchymal stem cells from osteoarthritis patients. Tissue Eng. Submitted, February 2010.

Gawri R, Mwale F, Ouellet JA, Roughley PJ, Stephen T, Antoniou J, Haglund L. Development of an organ culture system for long-term survival of the intact human intervertebral disc. Spine. Submitted, February 2010.

F Mwale, CN Demers, P-L Girard-Lauriault, D Stachura, JA Ouellet, A Petit, MR Wertheimer, J Antoniou. Effect of nitrated surfaced on type X collagen expression by growth plate chondrocytes.  Tissue Eng Part A. Epub ahead of print, Aug 18, 2010

Book Chapters (2005-2010)

Neuromuscular Scoliosis. In: Spinal Disorders: Fundamentals of Diagnosis and Treatment. Springer, 2008.

Neuromuscular Scoliosis (Chapter 5.1.3). In: AO Manuel of Spinal Surgery. Thieme, 2007.

Congenital Kyphosis and Kyphoscoliosis (Chapter 5.2.2). In: AO Manuel of Spinal Surgery. Thieme, 2007.