Faculty Chiefs

Chairman: Dr. Greg Berry

Program Director: Dr. Thierry E. Benaroch

Research Directors: Dr. Jake Barralet & Dr. John Antoniou


Foot and Ankle                                                                                                                                     

Dr. Greg Berry

Dr. Ruth Chaytor                                                

Dr. Monika Volesky

Orthopaedic Oncology

Dr. Krista Goulding

Dr. Robert Turcotte

Pediatric Orthopaedics  

Dr. Thierry Benaroch

Dr. Mitchell Bernstein

Dr. Francois Fassier

Dr. Reggie Hamdy

Dr. Chantal Janelle

Dr. Jean Ouellet

Dr. Neil Saran

Dr. David Wiltshire

Reconstructive Surgery and Arthroplasty

Dr. John Antoniou

Dr. William Fisher

Dr. Olga Huk

Dr. Leonard Rosen

Dr. Michael Tanzer

Dr. David Zukor

Spinal Surgery

Dr. Peter Jarzem

Dr. Jean Ouellet

Dr. Rudy Reindl

Dr. Michael H. Weber

Sports Medicine

Dr. Mark Burman

Dr. E. Lenczner

Dr. Robert J. Marien

Dr. Paul A. Martineau


Dr. Anthony Albers

Dr. Larry Coughlin

Dr. Ron Dimentberg

Dr. Chris Haydon

Dr. Joyce Johansson

Dr. Lawrence Lincoln

Dr. Moreno Morelli

Dr. Jennifer Mutch

Dr. Paul K. Stephenson

Trauma Surgery

Dr. Stephane Bergeron

Dr. Mitchell Bernstein

Dr. Greg Berry

Dr. Edward Harvey

Dr. Rudy Reindl

Dr. Max Talbot

Research Faculty

Dr. Jake Barralet

Dr. Dennis Bobyn

Dr. Francois Glorieux

Dr. Lisbet Haglund

Dr. Janet Henderson

Dr. Fackson Mwale

Dr. Peter Roughley

Dr. Thomas Steffen

Dr. Frank Rauch

Bettina Willie

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