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Trottier Symposium


This year's theme will be "Trusting Science: Do You?" and our speakers will be Drs. Kevin Folta, Geoffrey Kabat, and Paul Offit.

More details to come…

Sport and Identity

Faculty Club 3450 McTavish, 1st floor ballroom, 3450 rue McTavish, Montreal, QC, H3A 0E5, CA

Sport and Identity 

A Half-Day Symposium

What role do sports play in the expression of Canadian cultural identities?

Prof. Victoria Kaspi, 2015 Killam Prize for the Natural Sciences

Congratulations to Professor Victoria Kaspi in the Department of Physics, who was awarded the Killam Prize today. Valued at $100,000, this is one of Canada’s most prestigious awards for academic-career achievement. Vicky Kaspi is a world-renowned astrophysicist known for her cutting-edge work on neutron stars and pulsars.

Published: 14Apr2015

Assessment: The Silent Killer of Learning with Prof. Eric Mazur

Leacock Building Room 26, 855 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC, H3A 2T7, CA


Quebec Government names PDGs and ADGs for newly created CISSSs and CIUSSSs

Over the course of the past two weeks, Quebec’s Ministry of Health and Social Services has confirmed the appointments of the President-Director-Generals (PDG) and Associate Director-Generals (ADG) for each of the new CISSSs and CIUSSSs within the McGill affiliated hospital and affected RUIS McGill territory network.

The appointments include:

Published: 24Mar2015

The Food Babe Decoded

Vani Hari, who goes by the alias “The Food Babe” has become a real social phenomenon. She blogs, appears on TV and has just come out with a book that quickly made it to the New York Times best seller list. She has lots of followers and lots of critics, including myself. I don’t disagree with her goal of improving people’s eating habits. I just disagree with the methods used. Irrational fear-mongering is not the way to go. "There is just no acceptable level of any chemical to ingest, ever," she says.

Published: 15Mar2015

Acting on climate change: Solutions from scholars

Professor Catherine Potvin, a Canada Research Chair in Climate Change Mitigation and Tropical Forests, has convened colleagues from 30 Canadian universities to join her in a collective initiative called Sustainable Canada Dialogues. The resulting group, that mobilizes over 60 researchers from every province, has built a consensus around a plan of sustainability solutions to help Canada successfully achieve transition to a low-carbon society. Potvin spoke with the McGill Reporter about what government officials and ordinary citizens can do to mitigate climate change.

Published: 12Mar2015

Save the Date: Low Back and Chronic Pain Symposium


Dear colleagues,

The RUIS McGill Centre of Expertise in Chronic Pain in collaboration with the McGill Scoliosis and Spine Group, invite you to their upcoming Symposium: