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Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies in Reproductive Biology

Opportunities for graduate and post-doctoral studies in Reproductive Biology may be pursued under the supervision of a member of our division.

The emphasis of these studies will be on using model systems to identify fundamental mechanisms that regulate the development of mammalian gametes and embryos.

Clinically oriented projects are also available for residents and fellows.

Current Trainees in Reproductive Biology


Post Doctoral Student

Mourad Assidi (Supervisor: Hugh Clarke profile


Graduate Students

Abeer Altuwaijri  (Supervisor: Anna Naumova profile)

Tina Djogo (Supervisor: Daniel Dufort profile)

Omar Farah (Supervisor: Daniel Dufort profile)

Craig Park  (Supervisor: Daniel Dufort profile)

Sabrina Sicilia  (Supervisor: Makoto Nagano profile)

Macalister  Usongo (Supervisor: Riaz Farookhi profile)

Jonathan Yeh (Supervisor: Makoto Nagano profile)

Khaled Zohni  (Supervisor: Makoto Nagano profile)


Visiting Researcher

Shan-Jun Dai  (Supervisor: Ri-Cheng Chian profile)