Sleep breathing disorders during pregnancy and gestational diabetes

There is growing evidence that sleep apnea may adversley affect maternofetal outcomes.  This case-control study will test the hypothesis that the prevalence and severity of sleep apnea is greater amon women with gestational diabetes than among those without. 

Women will be considered eligible if they: 1) are over 18 years of age; 2) do not have pre-gestaional diabets or chronic hypertension; 3) are 28-32 weeks gestation; 4) have a singleton pregnancy; and 5) have a diagnosis of GDM.

Funded by: FRSQ

Research Team

MUHC in Montreal:
Principal investigator: Dr J Klimoff, Respirologist;
Co-investigators: Dr Robert Gagnon profile, Maternal-fetal medicine Specialist profileDr Natasha Garfield, Endocrinologist; Dr Sara Meltzer, Endocrinolgist  profile.
CHUQ in Quebec City: Dr Marc, Dr Marcoux; Dr Weisnagel; Dr Giguère; and Dr Sériès.

MUHC Research coordinator: Lorraine Lavigne Tel 934-1934 x 34037 or 36479