Providing ObGyn ultrasound

MUHC icon mWith state-of-the-art ultrasound scanning machines our physicians and ultrasound technologists  offer complete obstetric and gynecological ultrasonography, excellent training opportunities and a rich research base.

For the gynecology patient

All types of pelvic ultrasound scans are undertaken. Available techniques include the use of contrast sonography, 3D imaging, for example in the assessment of uterine malformations, and invasive procedures such as cyst aspiration and drainage.    

For the obstetrics patient

A comprehensive obstetrical ultrasound service is available, including first trimester (nuchal translucency) and second trimester screening for chromosomal abnormalities, as well as more targeted exams, including detailed Doppler evaluations, 3D & 4D imaging and fetal echocardiography (backed up by a fetal echocardiography and paediatric cardiology service at the Montreal Children’s Hospital). Some clinics are integrated with outpatient maternal fetal medicine services such as a dedicated multiple pregnancy clinic.

A full range of diagnostic testing is available, including amniocentesis and cordocentesis. A variety of invasive procedures including aspirations, shunt placement (for example for fetal pleural effusions or bladder outlet obstruction) and in-utero transfusion form part of the fetal therapy programme. This program was the first to use radiofrequency ablation (RFA) in the treatment of pregnancy complications in Quebec. The program also offers an interventional fetoscopy service undertaking procedures such as the laser photocoagulation of placental communication for Twin-to-Twin transfusion syndrome or the division of amniotic bands.


  McGill Fetal diagnosis and treatment group (FDTG)  

Many fetal problems will continue to extend beyond the pregnancy into many fields of paediatrics. The management (diagnosis, follow-up and where appropriate therapy) of fetal anomalies involves not only the MFM ultrasonographers but a large multidisciplinary team with extensive expertise who work closely together in the coordination of care for these cases. Cases are discussed and reviewed by various medical specialists and a variety of fetal diagnoses are discussed biweekly by teleconference across the McGill teaching sites.

FDTG members

Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists
Clinical Geneticists
Pediatric Cytogeneticists and Pathologists
Pediatric Surgeons
Pediatric Urologists
Pediatric Radiologists
Pediatric Neurosurgeons
Pediatric Cardiologists
Pediatric Orthopaedists
Plastic Surgeons

This group is a member of both the Executive and Steering Committees of the North American Fetal Therapy Network (NAFTNet) and works collaboratively in a number of research projects that have been organised by this network.