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Allied health professionals: major team players

There are a number of allied health care professionals who complement the medical team treating women and their families, they include:

MUHC icon m  Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) 

The CNS has a Masters of nursing degree and speclializes in clinical issues.  She works closely with the team and coordinates care of complex cases; she provides direct patient care and contributes to related nursing research.

  • Referrals are made through inpatient units, clinics or treating physicians

MUHC icon m  Lactation consultant

Breastfeeding is supported by certified lactation consultants, who work in both inpatient and outpatient areas at the MUHC. Individual evaluations can be arranged prenatally or postnatally for breastfeeding issues such as: inverted nipples, inadequate milk supply, potentially contra-indicated medications, or previous difficulty with breastfeeding.  

  • Referrals for MUHC patients to a lactation consultant can be arranged by physicians, nurses and other health care providers 

MUHC icon m  Nutritionist

Nutritional evaluation and management of high risk pregnancies is available to inpatients and outpatients. Counseling is provided during individual appointments for nutritional issues such as nausea and vomiting, weight gain or irritable bowel syndrome, or in a multidisciplinary clinic setting for gestational diabetes or multiple pregnancy. Referrals to the nutritionist can be made as follows:

  • For outpatient appointments, call the MFM clinic: 514-843-1654
  • For inpatient consults call: 514-934-1934 x 34822

MUHC icon m  Nurse Professional Development Educator (NPDE)

Our NPDE's also require a Masters of nursing degree.  They assess, plan, develop, implement and evaluate specific learning programs and activities for nursing personnel in thourghout the Women's Health Mission, such as in NICU or postpartum unit.  They works closely with the team who provides direct patient care and contributes to related nursing research.

MUHC icon m  Prenatal genetics counsellor

When a fetal anomaly or abnormal genetics are determined, the Prenatal Genetics Counsellors is a pivotal part of patient care.  In collaboration with a comprehensive team of Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Pediatric specialists the Genetics Counsellor provides explanation and options. and sees through the development and delivery of antepartum and postpartum care in the mangement of genetic abnormalities.

Prenatal Genetics Program coordinator: 514-412-4432

MUHC icon m  Smoking cessation program

Counseling and resources for smoking cessation are available to inpatients and outpatients through the Women's Health Mission at the MUHC. Follow-up can also be arranged in the community clinics (CLSC). A structured program is being delivered province-wide in different community and hospital setting that has contributed to the MUHC gaining World Health Organization designation as a Health Promoting Hospital.

MUHC icon m  Social Worker

The social workers provide variety of services related to women and their families, such as case management (linking users/clients with agencies and programs that will meet their psychosocial needs), counseling,  teaching, and conducting social and political research.  They guide women in crisis and act as a liaison to community services. Consultation can be arranged for inpatients and outpatients.