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Inter-faculty Transfer

Inter-Faculty Transfer

The Faculty of Arts welcomes transfer applications from students of other McGill faculties who have not graduated.

For the Bachelor of Arts degree, the application process begins March 4 with a JUNE 1st DEADLINE. The effective term of the transfer is the following fall. There are no inter-faculty transfers for the winter term.

For the Bachelor of Social Work degree, the application process begins on April 1 with a MAY 1st DEADLINE. Please refer to Transfer to B.S.W. for further information.

For the BA transfers, please read the steps below to ensure your application for inter-faculty transfer is successfully submitted.

Step 1: Who can apply to transfer?

You can apply for an inter-faculty transfer to the BA if you are:

  • a McGill student who is currently registered in a different undergraduate faculty and will not be graduating from that degree; or
  • a McGill student who was previously registered in a different McGill undergraduate faculty and has not graduated.

Students who have graduated or are graduating from their current faculty and are interested in pursuing a BA must apply to McGill.

Special, Visiting or Continuing Studies students who were not previously registered in a degree program cannot use the Minerva inter-faculty module and must also apply to McGill.

Step 2: What are the requirements?

In order to qualify for a transfer to the BA degree:

  • you must have a CGPA of 3.00 (B average) or greater in your current faculty, including the current winter term;
  • if your CGPA is less than 3.00 and you have been at McGill for one year only, you must have at least 3 Arts courses (9 credits) with grades of B or better; or,
  • if your CGPA is less than 3.00 and you have been at McGill or at McGill and another university for more than one year, you must have at least 6 Arts courses (18 credits) with grades of B or better.

    Arts courses are courses offered by departments in the Faculty of Arts and courses offered by the following Science departments which offer Major Concentrations in the BA degree: Computer Science (COMP), Environment (ENVR), Geography (GEOG), Mathematics and Statistics (MATH) and Psychology (PSYC).

          Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee acceptance to the B.A. degree.

Step 3: What is the application process?

A. Submit a Minerva Application Form: Log onto Minerva and navigate to "Student Records Menu", then "Faculty Transfer/Readmission Menu", then:

  • if you are currently-registered in a non-Arts undergraduate degree, select the "Request for Inter-faculty Transfer" option;
  • if you are not currently-registered in a non-Arts undergraduate degree, select the "Request for Readmission" option;
  • if you are currently-registered in the BSW undergraduate degree, select the "Request for Intra-faculty Transfer" option.

         ii. Please submit only one application even if you are considering more than one Arts department for your major or honours program.
         After you are admitted to Arts you will be able to change your major yourself using Minerva.
         iii. If you are currently registered in CONTINUING STUDIES and you were previously registered in a McGill undergraduate degree program from which you did not graduate, you can not use the Minerva application form. 
         Instead, you must submit your application to transfer by sending an email to the Arts Inter-faculty Transfer Coordinator
B. Include an Appeal: If your latest CGPA is below 3.00 you are required to include an "appeal" in the "Comments" field of your application. In your appeal explain why you do not have a CGPA of 3.00 or greater. Include any reasons which may have contributed to your performance and describe any concrete steps you have taken or plan to take to improve your academic performance. Write your appeal in the "Comments" field of your Minerva transfer application. Where necessary, submit supporting documents such as medical notes.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Applications without an appeal will not be processed if the CGPA is below 3.00.

C. Include a STUDY PLAN: In the “Comments” field of your application please include a study plan.  You plan should confirm the programs (Major/Minor Concentrations or Honours/Joint Honours programs), the remaining number of credits and an expected term of graduation.  The Degree Planning page will help you prepare your study plan.

D. Send TRANSCRIPTS FOR ADVANCED STANDING, UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE TRANSFER CREDITS AND COURSE EXEMPTIONS: If you received advanced standing or transfer credits/exemptions for exams or studies at other universities and you fall under any category below, you must arrange to have official transcripts sent to the Arts Inter-faculty Transfer Coordinator. To be considered "official", transcripts must be sent to our office directly from your current faculty office or from the host university where you studied. If sent from your faculty office a certified photocopy is sufficient.

  • you studied at another university prior to, or during studies in your current faculty and your current faculty is not Arts or Science;
  • you will be taking courses at another university during the upcoming summer term;
  • you interrupted your studies and during your absence completed courses at another university.
         Applications missing any of these documents will not be processed.

Step 4: Wait for the Faculty Decision

Faculty decisions are normally made during the months of June and July and will be entered on the Minerva transfer applications. An email will be sent to your McGill account notifying you of a "change of status" to your application. You must then log onto your Minerva transfer application to read the faculty decision, conditions and any attached documents.

         i. In some cases the status may be changed to "file incomplete". Please read the details of what information or documents are missing and promptly follow through as requested.

         ii. Incomplete applications can not be processed and will eventually be cancelled.

Step 5: Enter Your Decision

If you are offered admission to Arts, read the conditions of your acceptance in the "External Comments" field of your Minerva application and any attached documents. You must then "ACCEPT" or "DECLINE" our offer by the indicated deadline.

By accepting our offer, you also accept all conditions outlined in the Minerva module and attached documents.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Inter-Faculty Transfer Coordinator before accepting the offer.

If you accept our offer, we will change your Minerva record to indicate "Bachelor of Arts" for the upcoming academic year within 5 to 8 working days. Once this change is made, you must log onto Minerva and navigate to "Student Records Menu" and to the "Registration Menu" to do the following:

  • indicate your Multi-track programs (Major and Minor Concentrations);
  • make course changes, if necessary;
  • add or change your graduation term, if necessary.

If you decline our offer, no activity will occur on your record and by default you will remain in your current faculty.

Step 6: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What happens to my credits and CGPA if I transfer?

Applicants accepted for transfer into the BA will normally receive credit for all Arts and Science courses completed in the previous faculty and up to 30 credits of other faculties' courses. (Normally, 12 credits of other faculties' courses are accepted for students transferring from the B.Sc. degree.).

The calculation of the CGPA will continue in Arts if your latest CGPA in your current faculty is 2.00 or greater. If it is less than 2.00, an explanation of the options available to you will be attached to the offer of admission in Minerva.

Can I apply to transfer to the BA and to another undergraduate degree?

Yes, at the time of application you can indicate up to two choices on the Minerva transfer application. If you apply to two degrees you are normally assessed for both requests. If you are offered admission to both degrees, you must accept one and refuse the other by the deadlines specified.

If I'm accepted, how do I choose my programs and courses?

To assist you in choosing a program, please refer to the following websites for Arts program and advisers' information:

Arts Undergraduate Programs

New Student Advising

Departmental Advisers Listing

What can I do if I have been refused?

If your application to transfer has been refused, carefully read the basis of refusal and any recommendations indicated on your Minerva transfer application. If you still have questions, send email to the Arts Inter-faculty Transfer Coordinator

How can I obtain additional advice?

If you have additional questions, re-read the information on this website carefully. Then you can email your questions to the Arts Inter-faculty Transfer Coordinator

All documents and correspondence relating to ARTS INTER-FACULTY TRANSFERS
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