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Errors in registration

During Course Change Period each term, all students must use Minerva to check their course registration. Students should ensure that they are correctly registered in all courses they wish to complete. Students who notice errors in registration after registration deadlines have passed may request that the error be corrected. However, correcting a record when a registration error has been made is costly both in time and money, and in some instances may not be possible at all.

If, after Course Change Period, you find that you neglected to add or drop a course, you will need to fill out a Course Change Request form, have it completed by the appropriate instructor, and then return the form and a letter of explanation to Service Point, 3415 McTavish St. You must be able to explain adequately why you were unable to add or drop the course(s) during Course Change Period. If your request is approved, you will be charged an administrative fee for each late change.