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Arts OASIS Advising Services (contact information & drop-in hours)

 For our current drop-in advising schedule, please visit www.mcgill.ca/oasis under "Announcements"

Lucyna M. Lach Associate Dean (Student Affairs) 514-398-4206 by appointment
Mylena Bergeron Student Adviser, Assistant to the Associate Dean 514-398-4206 by appointment
Rosa Colaianni Faculty Adviser 514-398-1029
Ruth Kuzaitis Faculty Adviser 514-398-1029
Kanella Voudouris Faculty Adviser 514-398-1029
Ines Scharnweber Faculty Adviser 514-398-1029
Des Sitaras Student Adviser, Study Away/Exchanges 514-398-1029  
Monica Hotter Student Adviser, Freshman Advising 514-398-1029

For more information please contact Arts OASIS by telephone 514-398-1029 or in person at our counter (Dawson Hall Building, Room 110)