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Failing a course

If you fail a course, you may wish to consult with an adviser in the Arts OASIS in Dawson Hall to discuss your options. Depending on the type of course (required or elective course), the grade ("D", a conditional pass, or "F", failure), your performance in your other courses, and the attendant circumstances for the failure, there are three alternatives:

  1. repeat the course;
  2. substitute another course for the one you took;
  3. apply to write a supplemental examination.

If you fail a required course, you should consult with an adviser about modifying your course choice. For example, you should not take Calculus II when you have failed Calculus I.

Regardless of whether a course is a required or an elective course, a grade of "D" will earn you the credits for the course. Required or prerequisite courses, including the core courses in the Arts Freshman Program, must be passed with a "C" or better. You must either repeat required or prerequisite courses in which you received a grade of less than "C", OR you may choose to write a supplemental examination. Ordinarily, you may replace complementary courses with other optional courses. If you fail an elective course, you may replace it with a different elective course

If you repeat a course for which you have already earned a grade of "D", you will receive credits for the course only once.

You should apply for a supplemental examination only under the following conditions: your GPA is 2.50 or better; you have reduced your course load for the Winter term or you do not have a heavy summer schedule; or you know the material well and will have little trouble studying for the supplemental exam on your own.