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 Information for Newly Admitted Arts Departmental U1 Students

Students who need 96 or fewer credits to complete their B.A. degree requirements (3-year degree) must select a program at the time of registration. Students in the Bachelor of Arts degree follow the Multi-track system, Honours programs, Joint Honours programs, and Faculty programs.

  • Advising, Orientation and Registration for newly admitted U1 B.A. departmental program students (96 or fewer credits required to complete your 3-year degree requirements).
  • Issues to consider when selecting a program
  • The Multi-track system recognizes the diversity of student backgrounds and interests and the multiple routes to understanding provided by a modern university. The multi-track system includes a major concentration complemented by a second major concentration or by one or two minor concentrations.
  • Honours programs demand a high degree of specialisation, and require students to satisfy specific departmental and Faculty requirements while maintaining a good academic standing. They are designed to prepare students for graduate study within a specific discipline.
  • Joint Honours programs allow students who wish to study at the Honours level in two disciplines to combine Joint Honours components from any two Arts disciplines.
  • Faculty programs are approved selections of courses constituting a concentration in an intellectually coherent and inter-faculty field of studies.
  • Course and program requirements
  • Language courses
  • FYS: First-Year Seminars
  • The McGill University eCalendar provides detailed program information and course descriptions for each academic department, but cannot alone provide assistance in realistic and meaningful program planning.
  • Departmental Academic Advisers are responsible for degree programs which are administered by their departments and give specific information about prerequisites, courses, approval for required courses and program selection. Since they are also generally members of McGill University's academic staff, they can also provide useful insight into potential options for further study in their respective disciplines.
  • Students initially intending to pursue a particular area of study often develop other interests requiring them to change their academic profile. It is possible to change programs as necessary, providing that there has been consultation with the appropriate advisers.