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Bachelor of Arts degree

Prospective students

Newly admitted U0 and U1 students

  • BA Freshman program for U0 students who must complete 97-120 credits towards their degree requirements (4-year program).
  • BA departmental programs for U1 students who must complete 96 or fewer credits towards their degree requirements (3-year program).
NOTE: If you have already completed your U0 freshman program requirements and you would like to request to have your freshman hold code removed from your Minerva record; please complete the form and submit it to Service Point.

Returning students

Graduating students

Tulips make their presence known in front of the Arts building.(Claudio Calligaris)

Established in 1843, the Faculty of Arts is one of the oldest in Canada and remains the largest at McGill. With over 6,000 full-time students and over 250 full-time professors, the Faculty offers several hundred courses in many disciplines.

The Faculty of Arts permits students great program flexibility. Students may concentrate on one Arts discipline while obtaining Minor Concentrations in different Arts disciplines as well as in other faculties, such as, for example, Science.