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QUEBEC UNIVERSITY STUDIES, including summer term

How/when do I apply?

What is this? - The Québec Inter-University Transfer Agreement (IUT) allows you to take one course or a full course load at another university in the province of Québec.

Important Policies - There are policies and regulations you MUST know before applying for any type of study abroad activity. Click here.

Eligibility - At the time of application you must:

  • Have a minimum CGPA of 2.00 (for a summer request)
  • Have a minimum CGPA of 2.70 (for a fall and/or winter request)
  • Be registered in a Bachelor of Arts or Social Work degree
  • Have a minimum of 24 graded McGill credits prior to the start of the specified term
  • Exchange, Special, Visiting or Freshman (U0) students are not eligible to apply 

Application Process & Deadlines

  • Refer to Québec University Transfer
  • Applications for undergraduate level coursese (100-500) must be submitted by:
    • Fall 2014 term: August 15, 2014
    • Winter 2014 term: December 15, 2013
    • Summer 2014 term: April 15, 2014 (for May courses), May 15, 2014 (for June courses), June 15, 2014 (for July courses)

Important Notes when Submitting your Application

NOTE:  BSW students MUST first discuss plans to take courses at another university with their program adviser in Social Work. If the School of Social Work approves your course selection, then continue to follow the application instructions outlined below.

All courses require approval by the corresponding McGill department so, in order for your request to be submitted to the correct unit, carefully read the following information.

  • Select the appropriate ‘field of study’ from the drop-down menu of the CREPUQ application.
  • Courses (required, complementary or elective): select the academic unit/department offering the program. Select the subject area not the degree. For example, select "Political Science", not “BA in Political Science”.
  • For Courses outside the Faculties of Arts and of Science: select "BA Undeclared" as the name of your program of study.
  • For Online courses: select “BA Undeclared” as the name of your program of study. Your course (s) must be evaluated and approved for McGill equivalences by the departmental adviser (s) concurrently with your IUT-CREPUQ application. Therefore, you must:
    • Send an email* to the appropriate departmental adviser (s) to have the course (s) reviewed. You must attach the course outline (s) or syllabi. *email_content-iut_crepuq_template.pdf
    • The departmental adviser must then email a confirmation to iut [dot] arts [at] mcgill [dot] ca
  • For Basic Math and Science courses: select "BA Undeclared" as the name of your program of study.

Financing your IUT - During the term of your IUT you will pay McGill tuition.

Once approved

Register at the Host University

  • Once the host university approves your course(s) you still need to register at the university and instructions will be given to you by the host university.
  • Your approved IUT status will be noted on your McGill record as “IUT – Transfer”. If this coding does not appear within the first 4 weeks of classes, please inquire at Service Point.

To cancel or withdraw

  • If you wish to drop or withdraw from a course after registering at the host Quebec university, you must follow the drop/withdrawal procedures at the host university AND submit this change on the IUT-CREPUQ application. Otherwise, you will continue to be registered for the course, and you will receive a failing grade at the end of the term, as well as be charged fees.

Transferring credits

Official Grade Submission

  • The grade you obtain in the course(s) at the host university will be transmitted electronically to McGill’s Enrolment Services Office.
  • The course and credits will be indicated on your McGill record as the equivalence(s) you were given in the CREPUQ (IUT) FORM.

Transfer Credit Policy - refer to the Transfer Credit Policy to know:

  • What grade is required?
  • How many credits can you receive?