Arts OASIS: Office of Advising and Student Information Services

The mission of the Faculty of Arts Office of Advising and Student Information Services (OASIS) is to ensure the integrity and coherence of the Arts undergraduate degree.  We provide advice and support to our students regarding their academic trajectory, from entry to graduation.  We do so valuing principles of fairness, accessibility, respect, engagement, confidentiality and collaboration with key stakeholders.

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Welcome to the Faculty of Arts!

New Bachelor of Arts Students

Begin by reading PDF icon First Year Guide which contains essential information for a successful start to your BA degree.  You'll also want to carefully review the information on the New Students page, the registration dates and check out the tips for handling registration problems.

U0 students: Fill out the PDF icon Freshman Program Planner and plan your U0 registration now!

U1 students: Fill out thePDF icon Degree Planning Worksheet and use the Degree Planning Guide in order to systematically plan your degree.

If you have questions, newstudentadvising.arts [at] (contact us at OASIS)!

Upcoming Events

Degree Planning Webinars on August 23,24,25: Are you ready to start your McGill studies? Why not begin by exploring what you need to know in order to enhance your academic experience?   Learn More


Career Advising for Arts Students!

Feeling like you could be getting more out of your university experience? Wondering how your B.A. is going to advance your career path? Unsure about what you’re going to do after graduation?

The Office of Advising and Student Information Services (OASIS) is pleased to offer Arts students an in-house Career Advisor.

Linking the value of your degree to the quality of your own personal and professional development, the Career Advisor helps you connect your undergraduate experiences to “what comes next.”  By learning to strategically develop oneself through the access and engagement of University resources, opportunities, and experiences, Arts students learn to leverage their most important asset for life-long learning and success!

To help better connect your university experience to what comes next, book an appointment today with your Arts OASIS Career Advisor, Brandy Jugandi, at brandy.jugandi [at]

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Important Dates

For a list of important upcoming dates for Summer 2017, Fall 2017, Winter 2018 please see here.

Welcome from the Associate Dean, Student Affairs Professor Lucyna Lach

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts Office of Advising and Student Information Services (otherwise known as OASIS), your first stop for obtaining information and Associate Dean Lucyna LachPhoto: Owen Egansupport so that you will be able to complete your degree in a timely manner.

Your Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree at McGill provides you with the opportunity to explore the rich diversity of human endeavour and creative expression. It is a wonderful journey of knowledge acquisition that will equip you with ways of understanding scholarship in whatever field of study you select. It will enable you to develop linguistic, critical, and analytical skills that will allow you to approach a question or an issue from a variety of perspectives, to respond effectively to new developments, and to adapt to changing circumstances. You will also learn more about who you are, how you learn, what you enjoy, and what your next steps could be.

An Arts degree at McGill is comprised of 120 credits. The BA is structured to provide you with an opportunity to explore at least two fields of study. The Faculty of Arts offers you numerous programs of study within which you can develop your interests. As a result, there are numerous choices and decisions that you must make along the way. You will therefore find the flexibility of the BA structure to be both an asset and a challenge. Building the academic year with the right courses and ensuring that degree requirements (required and complementary courses) are met can be challenging. But it is also extremely satisfying because you can design the degree program that is precisely right for you.

Most students find that their degree planning is relatively straightforward. Using our degree planning worksheet, you can map out the courses that you must take to meet your degree requirements. You will then have a better idea of where your elective courses can fit in to your overall plan. You may find, however, that you need or would like more support. If you would like to talk to someone about how to structure your academic year and how that structure will come together so that graduation requirements are met, an advisor from OASIS may be helpful. In addition, there may be times during your degree when things do not work out exactly as you have planned. This is when it is essential that you see an advisor.

OASIS, your department, and Service Point each provide advising services on specific issues. It is therefore important that you direct your enquiry to the right office. When you come to OASIS, you will first talk to someone at the front desk. Your questions may be answered immediately. Alternatively, you may be directed to your department or to Service Point, or toward an advisor who will sit down with you to answer your questions and to discuss your academic plan.

Keep an eye on this homepage for news of events and reminders of deadlines. Spend some time browsing through our website and the various places it will take you.

Most of all, enjoy your journey to your BA!

OASIS Summer Advising Schedule (June-August)

NOTE – Additional Drop-ins will be available during peak period as of August 18th 2017

Arts OASIS Faculty Advisors provide ongoing advice and guidance on program selection and degree planning, and assist students in managing academic situations during periods of personal, financial, or medical difficulty by working with students to identify the various possibilities and strategies available. They also approve course selection for U0 Arts Freshman students.

If you wish to meet with a Faculty Advisor during their drop-in hours, you must request a drop-in space from the Arts OASIS counter (ground floor of Dawson Hall, room 110) during our regular office hours (10:00 am to 4:00 pm). Students are advised to be at the counter by 10:00 am for the best chance at securing an appointment as they are given out on a first come, first serve basis. If you were given a confirmed drop-in space but have to cancel it, please contact Arts OASIS right away at (514)-398-1029   so that the spot can be given to another student. For more information please contact Arts OASIS.

For a list of advisors and advising services, go to: Advisors & Advising Services

      June and August                                  July


Departmental Advising Information

Departmental Academic Advisers provide advice on departmental programs and approve course selection for U1-U3 students. Students must have a departmental adviser for each major or minor. Students are encouraged to contact their department academic adviser(s) from time to time - certainly before their final year. This list contains information about available programs and who you should contact for advising.