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Course descriptions

PhD: Course of study

Each student's program of study is designed with the thesis supervisor(s) taking into account the student's previous academic preparation, needs, and research interests.

1. Two years of full-time residency (or half-time equivalent). A student who has obtained a Master's degree at McGill University or at an approved institution elsewhere, and is proceeding in the same subject to a PhD degree, may, on the recommendation of the School, be registered in the second year of the PhD program.

BNI: Course of study

The BNI program consists of 93 credits. Students receive 27 credits of advanced standing from their 180.A0 DEC in Nursing and are admitted to McGill at the U2 level.

Advanced Clinical Practice concentration

The MSc(A) Nursing - Advanced Clinical Practice concentration is a two-year, 49-credit program. Part-time studies over three to five years are also an option, but class schedules must be discussed with and approved by the academic advisor. The core content of the ACP concentration prepares students for advanced practice nursing roles in diverse settings and with diverse populations.

BSc(N): Course of study

The courses are outlined in the order that a full-time student would usually take them. (Note that students entering directly from high school must complete a U0 year of study - see below; mature and transfer students missing the U0 equivalencies at admission will generally need to complete these in a U0 year unless they have been granted exemptions based on higher levels of study.) The BSc(N) Assistant Director can help you make decisions if you have questions. Please check the Health Sciences Calendar or Minerva for details about course prerequisites.