Dr. Laurie Gottlieb

Laurie Gottlieb


Room 408A, Wilson Hall.

laurie.gottlieb [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Laurie Gottlieb is a full professor at the Ingram School of Nursing, McGill University and holds the Flora Madeline Shaw Chair in Nursing. She is the Nurse-Scholar in Residence at the Jewish General Hospital. Professor Gottlieb earned a BN and MSc in Nursing and a PhD in developmental psychology from McGill University. She has been a member of McGill faculty since 1974, and was the Director of the School of Nursing and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Medicine from 1995 to 2000. In 2014 she founded and is a co-director of the International Institute for Strengths-Based Nursing and Health Care. From 1992-2013 she was the editor-in-chief of CJNR) (Canadian Journal of Nursing Research).

Her current work focuses on the development of Strengths-Based Nursing as an approach to practice, leadership/management, and education. Strengths-Based Nursing the result of an evolution of her thinking into what is nursing and how should nurses fulfill their social mandate of health and healing. Strengths-Based Nursing develops, extends, and re-conceptualizes elements of the McGill Model of Nursing resulting in a more integrated, in-depth philosophical vision and pragmatic approach to person and family nursing. Early in Professor Gottlieb’s career, she helped to develop and evaluate the core variables of Situation-Responsive Nursing that became the foundations of the McGill Model of Nursing. She later expounded on the developmental and biological principles that underlie nursing practice and brought these ideas together in the Developmental/Health Framework within the McGill Model of Nursing.   

Professor Gottlieb's latest book Strengths-Based Nursing Care: Health and Healing for Person and Family (2013, Springer) was awarded the 2013 AJN Book of the Year Award, first place in the Nursing Education/Continuing Education category.  The book has been translated  into French (Les Soins Infirmiers Fondes sur les force: La sante et la guerison de la personne et de la famille. Montreal: ERPI Pearson Education, 2014) and is being translated into Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. Her other books include A Perspective on Health, Family, Learning and Collaborative Partnership, Dreams Have No Expiry Date, (Random House-2005, translated into Spanish, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese), A Collaborative Partnership Approach to Care (Elsevier-2006, translated into French, Japanese). She has authored over 100 papers, book chapters, and editorials. Professor Gottlieb has lectured widely nationally and internationally on her research and the directions of nursing and health care.

She is a member of national and international nursing bodies including: President’s Forum, International Council of Nurses; Florence Nightingale Society; Canadian Nurses Foundation; Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society.

Professor Gottlieb has received a number of prestigious awards including the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec their highest honour, the Insigne du mérite prize for her contributions to the advancement of the profession, and the Canadian Nurses Association Centennial Award, the first and one-time ward recognizing the 100 most influential nurses in Canada.

To view Professor Gottlieb’s publications, visit the Ingram School of Nursing’s Research/Publications page.