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Tentative agreement with MCLIU course lecturers and instructors on core issues

The university met with MCLIU course lecturers and instructors on Dec. 17 and is pleased to report that the parties have reached an agreed in principle on the core issues discussed during the last three bargaining sessions. 

Published: 19Dec2014

More discussions with SEU (trades) on temporary alternative work arrangements

The parties met on December 17 to discuss whether a temporary alternative work arrangement (TAWA) could be considered as an adequate vehicle to address the union’s proposal to reduce work hours prior to retirement and to address work-life issues with regard to their work schedule.

Published: 19Dec2014

Progress in talks with AGSEM TAs

The parties met on December 12. Two articles were discussed on this last day of negotiations in 2014: positions, and selection and appointment.

Published: 16Dec2014

Talks continue with AMUSE floor fellows

The parties met on December 5 for a half day and exchanged proposals and counter-proposals.

Published: 16Dec2014

More agreements signed with SEU (trades)

At the bargaining session of December 3, the parties established the 2015 calendar of negotiations with six dates set until late April.

Published: 3Dec2014

McGill and AGSEM TAs discuss article 11 (positions)

At the November 21 meeting, the parties discussed article 11 (positions). Discussions focused notably on the fractional appointment process and availability of the workload form of the previous term.  The parties also discussed the resolution process relating to hours worked in excess of the total number of hours indicated in the offer of appointment.

Published: 3Dec2014

McGill and SEU (trades) discuss technical support roles

The parties met on September 24 to discuss the mechanism of potentially implementing technical support roles. Although the parties see the advantages of introducing such roles, no agreement was reached as the parties could not agree on the description to include in the collective agreement or on the premium to be paid.

Published: 27Nov2014

McGill and SEU (facilities) sign off on vacation scheduling

On September 17, the parties discussed the issue of vacation scheduling in the last week of the reference year, which has since been ratified by the parties and will be applied to the three collective agreements.

McGill and SEU (facilities) discuss phased retirement

Published: 27Nov2014