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How to register

First step

Your first step is to identify which courses are required in your program. You can verify your program or "curriculum" on Minerva: Registration Menu > Step 1: Check Your Registration Eligibility and Verify Your Curriculum.

There are two ways to view the Class Schedule:

  1. Go to www.mcgill.ca/students/courses/calendars/ and click on the Class Schedule icon OR
  2. Log in to Minerva and go to Registration Menu > Step 2: Search Class Schedule and Add Course Sections. Viewing the Class Schedule through Minerva shows the number of available places in a course section.

Schedules for Fall and Winter terms are available in late March and are updated automatically as changes are made to schedule information.

Once you have selected some courses from the Class Schedule, use the Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) to view your possible class schedules in an easy-to-read weekly schedule format. Please note that you cannot use Visual Schedule Builder to register but you can copy your choice of course reference numbers (CRNs) from VSB to have handy for registration in Minerva.

Selecting your courses

To simplify your course selection, choose your required courses first and then your elective courses. Be sure to have a few alternate elective selections in case you cannot get into your first choice.

  • Pay attention to any restrictions or pre-registration requirements for a course, such as placement tests, permission or approval from the instructor or department.
  • Some courses have linked sections that you must register for at the same time, such as tutorials or labs. This information is outlined in the Calendar course descriptions, and can be viewed in the Class Schedule.

You are responsible for making sure that:

  • your course selection and registration is accurate and complete
  • your selections meet course, program, and degree requirements
  • you follow the regulations and deadlines outlined in the Calendar

You can continue to register throughout the course change period by adding and dropping courses until you have finalized your schedule. Final course changes for the Fall term must be made by September 18 and for the Winter term by January 22, 2013.

You must not exceed the maximum credits per term permitted by your faculty. However, if you carry fewer than 12 credits per term, you will be considered a “part-time” student in that term.

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