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Especially for parents

New Students – Especially for Parents

Welcome! As the mother, father, grandparent or guardian of a newly admitted McGill student, you are a vital part of the University's diverse community. Now that your student has received an offer of admission, you may also have a lot of questions!

McGill's Parents Association is a great service that provides the information you need to feel confident and secure about this important step. The Association is a key resource for parents on all McGill matters, and it's available on our website  or just a toll-free phone call away, at 1-800-567-5175 ext. 3125 or 7278.

Preparing for your arrival – Campus Life & Engagement

The Campus Life & Engagement provides information on services specifically for new McGill students. Students will feel right at home on our campuses before long, but until then, Campus Life & Engagement is here to help them acclimatize, settle in and find the people and services they need.

  • Before you arrive  - Pre-arrival checklist, what to pack and registering for orientation activities.
  • McGill Essentials  - Getting your books, settling in and locating on-campus services.
  • Montreal Essentials – General information, hotels, transportation and what to do around town.

Money Matters

The Student Accounts Office is your source for information about all matters relating to financial records. Consult these links for answers to many of your financial questions:

Student aid

Students accepted to McGill may apply for need-based financial aid programs. These include an Entrance Bursary program, an In-Course Loan and Bursary program, and a Work Study program. If you have been offered a bursary, respond to the offer by logging into Minerva and selecting the Financial Aid Awards menu.

  • The Scholarships and Student Aid Office also administers all government student aid programs for Canadians, Permanent Residents and U.S. citizens.
  • Canadians and Permanent Residents apply directly to the province or territory in which they are considered a resident. Make sure you apply before June 30 to ensure your government funding arrives by September.
  • US citizens and permanent residents apply for the Direct Loan Program. Make sure you apply before June 1 to ensure your US government funding arrives in the fall. Consult www.mcgill.ca/studentaid/government/us for information on how to apply for US Direct Loans when attending a foreign school.

Information on scholarships and student aid programs can be found at www.mcgill.ca/studentaid/.

Legal Documents

All students (Quebec residents, Canadian citizens, or International students) will be required to submit some important legal documents. These documents can affect how much tuition the student is charged, and are also required to confirm the student’s valid citizenship/immigration status.

Minors: The age of majority in Quebec is 18. If a student will not be 18 years old by the Residence Move-In day, they must have a legal custodian in Montreal. A custodian is a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada who is at least 18 years old and resides with the student or within a reasonable distance. For international students: a legal custodian must be arranged before starting immigration procedures to study at McGill.

  • For more information regarding the custodianship of minors please visit this website.

Health and Dental Plans

The type of health and dental plan students are enrolled in at McGill is determined by their legal status in Canada.

International students are automatically registered for the International Health Insurance (IHI) plan upon registration at McGill. Their health plan is administered by McGill University through the International Student Services. Please note that the IHI plan does not include a dental plan.  For dental coverage, international students are automatically enrolled in the SSMU Dental plan.

Canadian students are automatically enrolled in supplemental health and dental insurance. The student plan is unique in that it helps fill the gaps left by provincial health care. Canadian non-residents who are not eligible for provincial coverage have the option of enrolling in McGill’s International Student Health Insurance Plan.

Campus safety

McGill’s main campus is located in the heart of one of North America’s safest cities. McGill Security Services patrol both campuses 24 hours a day and offer safety programs and workshops to help ensure a safe University community. The downtown campus has a network of emergency phones located along walkways and other locations.

Volunteer members of the student-run Walksafe program are available to escort anyone home, anywhere on the island of Montreal. The free Drivesafe program is available to take students home from campus events and during scheduled patrols.