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The Nursing programs (B.Sc. (Nursing) and B.N. (Integrated)) are not open for January 2015.

Ingram School of Nursing

Tel.: 514 398-4144
Email: undergraduate [dot] nursing [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Undergraduate Programs)
For admission information contact: admissions [at] mcgill [dot] ca

Discover McGill
Tuesday, August 26 at 9:00 a.m.
Location: Athletics Complex, 475 Pine Avenue West.


General information
Please consult the Ingram School Nursing's Faculty and Student Handbook available in pdf format at www.mcgill.ca/nursing/students/.

IMPORTANT NOTE: “To ensure placement in their courses, students are required to register for all their core courses (for both Fall and Winter semesters at the same time).”  Fees are charged per semester; therefore students will only be invoiced for each term separately.

B.Sc.(N) Program

Three-year (U1) students

Course selection
Please consult the "Course of Study": www.mcgill.ca/nursing/programs/bscn/courses.

Must register for the following courses:

Fall Term:
- NUR1 220
- NUR1 222
- NUR1 223
- NUR1 422
- PHGY 209
- PSYC 215

Winter Term:
- NUR1 200
- NUR1 221
- NUR1 234
- NUR1 235
- PHGY 210

Four-year (U0) students

Must register for the following courses:

UO Required courses (34 credits)

For the mature, Canadian out-of-province and non-Canadian students, a U0 year of study is required unless the freshman sciences have been met.

The first year (UO) of the 139-credit program consists of the following courses:

Fall term

Winter term

Summer term

PHYS 101 - Intro Physics - Mechanics
CHEM 110 - General Chemistry 1
MATH 139 - Calculus 1 with Precalculus
MATH 140 - Calculus 1
Note: Consult the Mathematics Department to determine which Calculus is taken based on previous Mathematics courses.

NUR1 223 - Development Over the Lifespan
3 credit elective

Note: Students who take NUR1 223 in U0 will take a 3 credit elective in U1; students who take a 3 credit elective in U0 will take NUR1 223 in U1.

It is generally recommended that U0 students take NUR1 223 in U0 so that they meet other Nursing students.


BIOL 112 - Cell and Molecular Biology

CHEM 120 - General Chemistry 2

MATH 141 - Calculus 2 

PHYS 102 - Intro Physics-Electromagnetism


CHEM 212 - Intro Organic Chemistry 1

Following successful completion of the U0 courses, students admitted to the eight-semester program enter First Year (U1).

B.N. (Integrated) Nursing Program

DEC 180.AO

Course selection
Please consult the "Course of Study": www.mcgill.ca/nursing/programs/bachelor-nursing-integrated/courses

Fall Term:
- NUR1 239
- NUR1 319
- NUR1 422
- PHGY 209
- CHEM 232

Winter Term:
- NUR1 200
- NUR1 219
- NUR1 320 (if NUR1 320 is not appearing on the course selection at the time of registration, select NUR1 324 section for BN(I) instead).
- PHGY 210
- PSYC 215


Academic advising

B.N. (Integrated) Nursing Program

Will follow the CSI: McGill (Cegep Students Information) Session on June 5, 2014. Watch for further information on McGill in Mind regarding the scheduling of this event.

B.Sc.(N): Four-Year (U0) and mature students
Advising will be available during Discover McGill
Date, time and location to be confirmed

B.Sc.(N) students transferring from other universities or who have completed
a degree at McGill

Academic advising based on individual need. Students will receive an email from the Program Director indicating transfer credits that will be allotted for previous university studies (other than freshman sciences). 
Queries can be emailed to: undergraduate [dot] nursing [at] mcgill [dot] ca.   

Other B.Sc.(N) Three-Year Program (U1) students
Academic advising based on individual need.
Queries can be emailed to: undergraduate [dot] nursing [at] mcgill [dot] ca.


Special instructions

  • All nursing students except those entering U0 must show proof that immunization requirements have been met no later than September 30. The immunization forms that must be completed can be downloaded from www.mcgill.ca/studenthealth/immunize/forms - instructions and address are found on the form. Students who have not completed all the immunization requirements, must submit the above mentioned form and follow up with missing immunizations with their physician or with the McGill Student Health Services before September 30.
  • Mandatory Professionalism Seminar for U1 Bachelor of Science (Nursing) and U2 newly admitted Bachelor of Nursing (Integrated) students: date and time to be confirmed.